Blogger Web2.0 Seo Templates


2-column templates

Andreas02 - Lots of tab links above the header. You can showcase the description of each active tab on the header.


Andreas08 - From the same author of the one above. The header is ready to be customized with your own picture.


Agua - A minimalistic clean template giving a pure white look.


Cajas - A blog tittle in a header that looks like the Blogger navbar and five menu links with multi-color backgrounds that tool the place of the traditional blog header.


Colibri - This reminds you of a garden, doesn’t it?


Dead - This one can be described as heavy metal/rock style - sinister and dark.


Eclipse - Another dark theme that brings werewolves to mind. An enchanting template for the dark souls.


Emire - Beautiful color combination but I wish there was more width for the post and the sidebar.


Hada-negra - A beautiful template - seductive and pleasing to the eyes.

    Hada negra

Integral - The most striking visual details on this template are its rounded header and the green and sky-blue color combination.


iPhone - An elaborate Wordpress theme converted into Blogger. The large header button could probably be used better.


K2 - A popular Wordpress theme cloned for Blogger.


Minyx - A template that looks like an invitation card. Good use of space in the header.


Mushblue - Striking header color and works well with the dark background.


Natural - If you are the artistic kind, this one will be a feast for your eyes.


Neoneon - This is another unique design - rectangle sidebar boxes and spiral main body.


Red-White Web 2.0 - The buttons are nice. The search bar looks like a candy bar. The color combination is good. A template true to its name.

    Red White

S08 - A blue color body on a darker blue background - you might have thought it won’t work? But here it is.


- As a the name suggests, this is a vertically designed clean template. You might want to throw in some more code and utilize the space below the blog title better.


Web 2.0 - A black and white template with a slight touch of blue color on the blog logo and the RSS feed.

    Web 2.0

3-column templates

Andreas4 - Another popular Wordpress template by Andreas cloned for Blogger. The template can be used as a bare bone structure for customization.


Autumn Grass - I like the color combination and the vertical menu links in the header. There is also sufficient space there for ads and videos.

    Autumn grass

Beautiful Red Apple - Another nice Wordpress theme converted into a Blogger template, has a 940px width frame, lots of space and customization possibilities.