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From Radio Transmitter to Wireless Broadband Technology

Today we are very familiar with advanced wireless technology on computer and electronic devices. The wireless technology is well developed that now we can transfer data at faster speed using wireless platform. But before there is advanced wireless data sharing platform like this, it was all started with the radio transmitter. The invention of radio transmitter back on the end of 19th century becomes the foundation of wireless technology. Even the inventor of the early radio transmitter (Pemancar) would be surprised to now that the breakthrough he invented could developed into advanced technology like this.

Even the latest wireless technology is still based on radio wave transmission. The first radio wave created from high voltage sparks between two conductors. The radio technology was started to become popular and widely used with the invention of vacuum tube transmitter creating continuous radio wave. When the wave modulated, it could transmit sounds. There are two major categories of radio transmissions based on how the wave is modulated. The amplitude modulation (AM) is based on the amplitude of radio signal while the frequency modulation (FM) based on the frequency of radio wave. Since then, AM and FM becomes the standard of radio broadcasting industry. The history noted that FM broadcasting has strongest points than the AM counterparts. FM radio broadcast could offer better sound quality and that’s the reason why today’s radio stations are still widely using FM transmitter (Pemancar FM). Even you can easily find that there are many electronic devices including handled devices has FM receiver as part of their features.

The second stage of radio technology is higher frequency wave known as VHF and UHF. Those are the foundation of TV transmitter (Pemancar TV). Both Very High Frequency (VHF) and Ultra High Frequency (UHF) work on high frequency spectrum. With higher frequency, it allows much sophisticated data to be transmitted and also allows much wider broadcast coverage. TV transmitter technology is developed to meet the rapid development of broadcasting industry. It is started with black and white TV and then we can enjoy TV shows in color. The demand of live broadcast also brought a challenge to TV transmitter technology. UHF transmitter could offer better TV broadcasting quality but it still has several weaknesses especially the limited broadcast coverage. TV stations should invest huge money to build more antenna tower transmitted to reach wider coverage. Thanks to digital broadcasting technology through satellite that makes TV broadcast expand their coverage without compromising quality. Digital TV technology replaces terrestrial TV transmitter since it could offer high definition image and sound. Since it is broadcasted through satellite, it could easily reach wider coverage and offer much stable transmission.

Talking about modern radio technology, the development of wireless telecommunication technology would be the best example how rapid the development is. You must be very familiar with wireless technology like UMTS and GSM and then later CDMA. Those wireless radio technology platforms allow us to cut wire from the phone creating mobile phone. We can use voice call and text message service anywhere we are wherever the service available. The wireless radio technology is more developed with the 3G wireless broadband technology allowing data transfer through wireless network. Wireless data service connects us with internet anywhere we are using our handled device. The focus of wireless technology development is to improve data transfer capability including speed and wider bandwidth. What the future of wireless technology will be? Learning from the rapid development on past decades, we can expect much advanced and revolutionary solution in the future. However, we need to remember that it is all started from a simple radio wave created from two conductors.
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