The Alternate BlogD Page

An example site created with Google's Page Creator software 

Interesting. Originally, I signed up using my primary GMail account, and it took weeks to get an invitation for a Google Page Creator (GPC) account. I didn't want to publish that site, however, because it would mean revealing to spammers my primary GMail address. You see, your GMail address is used as the subdomain address for a GPC site, so spammers could easily harvest all the GMail addresses by scanning this system's primary domain. I can't believe Google allows this--you can't change the address of your site. The address is listed in the options for GPC, but it is not changeable--maybe they intend to do that later.

In the meantime, I decided to create a second GMail account with a more "BlogD-like" name (it has to be six characters minimum, so I went with "blogds"), so I could publish this page and not care about spammers. I submitted the new email address to GPC an figured I'd have to wait a few more weeks.

What surprised me is that the GPC account invitation came within just a day or two of the submission. I guess they're getting up to speed on this.

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