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I'm Aaron Tay, a librarian with NUS Libraries (National University of Singapore Libraries). This page keeps tracks of mentions and compliments received through various sources (Facebook, Twitter, other blogs etc) on my blogs - "Musings about librarianship" blog at http://musingsaboutlibrarianship.blogspot.com

I blog to highlight and share creative use of technology by other libraries, as well as original ideas of my own that could be adopted by libraries. Blogging takes up a lot of time, and as such this page serves as motivation for me to continue blogging.

After 1 year of blogging,

  1. Content on this blog have being bookmarked over 500 times in total  on social bookmarking site like delicious. 
  2. Currently blog has over 1,000 subscribers  

General compliments about the blog

"I started the "10 Blogs To Read This Year" way back in 2006 to help highlight the wide range of people writing in the many different areas of librarianship. Each year we've attempted to point out a group of librarians whose writing helps increase our understanding of the profession and it's place in our rapidly changing world. Again this year we tried to choose 10 writers who cover very different aspects of our profession, 10 sites that inform, educate and maybe amuse. By following these blogs I think you'll frequently find something new and interesting to read, and a place to gain better understanding of parts of librarianship that are outside of your area. We all have much to learn from each other, and these bloggers are working hard to share their knowledge and experiences with you."

Listed on "10+1 medical librarians blogs you should read"

            "The blog is really oriented to making the students’, professors’ and readers’ lives easier through the use of web2.0
             tools.The posts aim to explaining in depth how to make the most out of them. For instance, the latest posts explain
             8  ways to share links with users    

             We like:
              We like the top ranked post Subject guides on web 2.0 startup pages – 12 widgets! A must read."

A sample of comments received 

"Aaron Tay’s Musings About Librarianship has been a favorite for a while. I get great ideas from it but I haven’t just said “hey go read the whole thing.” Last weekend’s post about library social media campaigns that work is a great summary of some good news." -- Jessamyn West of Librarian.net

"When I looked at the list of items I wanted to share with you and saw the number that were from one blog, I realized that I really should just say READ MUSINGS ABOUT LIBRARIANSHIP!!! Nearly every post Aaron Tay has written has been insanely useful for me either in sharing with my LIS students, developing presentations, or using his ideas in my daily work. I can say without a doubt that this blog has probably influenced my work in the past year more than any other. His posts provide fantastic practical advice and examples from libraries (many of which I’ve never seen highlighted elsewhere). Just in the past three weeks he has written a number of fabulous posts: 12 User points of need – where to place your services online, Adding your library catalogue results next to Google results using WebMynd, and Putting services at user’s point of need – my take. So instead of talking about everything he’s written that’s awesome I’ll just say, visit his blog. Subscribe. And check out the archives. I’ll bet that very few of my readers won’t get something out of his posts." --  Meredith Farkas, Head of Instructional Initiatives, Norwich University via blog

"Also, I don’t know how I missed this blog but I am now subscribing. Musings about librarianshipKeeping track of interesting and cool ideas that might be used by libraries for benefit of users. The posting that I found useful was this one: iPhone apps for librarians It covered and linked to any apps that could be found for libraries and librarians using mobile devices. Other postings before and after this one did the same. Useful. I’ll be reading this one." Stephen Abram , Gale Cengage, Vice President Strategic Partnerships and Markets

"Aaron---I have been rereading some of your blog posts on your regular blog and now over at Library 2.0---you are truly innovative and brilliant. Thank you for inspiring me to create a FriendFeed account for my library; I had not seen your Google Profile article until just a few minutes ago, but it dovetails perfectly with what I did yesterday---I created a Google Profile for my library. Keep up the terrific work and thinking ahead of the curve!" --Buffy Gunter Hamilton, Librarian, School Library Media Specialist of the year 2010

"We actively read and discuss posts and “how to” pieces by Aaron Tay on his blog “Musings About Librarianship. We’re fans, love how he shows as much (if not more) than he tells how to get crafty with technologies and try to follow the same educational elements in our blog as he does in his." -- Mobile Reference in Libraries by Mosio, a mobile technology company and the creators of TextaLibrarian.com.

"Good blog for library2.0 stuff" -- Brian Kelly ,UK Web Focus (National web co-coordinator post),  UKOLN, a UK national centre of expertise in digital information management via Twitter

"Another techy librarian working at the National University of Singapore is Aaron Tay. Aaron Tay (@aarontay) is not working in the field of medicine, but his web 2.0 tips are useful for anyone, and his blog Musings about Librarianship is certainly a must for libraries that want to use web 2.0 tools to the benefit of their users. Personally, I found the tips onViewing research alerts – full text within Google reader very useful." Laika (Jacqueline), medical information specialist at the Academical Medical Center (AMC) in Amsterdam via blog

"As a conduit for scholarly information, not just science, you're one of the best." -- MrGunn, Senior Assay Development Scientist at Genalyte via Twitter

"Thanks for the very thoughtful blogging!" -- Joan Star, Mgr of Strategic & Project Planning @ California Digital Library, Univ. of California via Twitter, #followfriday

"I couldn't find contact info for you, but wanted to type you a note via Ning to let you know I really enjoy your posts/comments. I'm a fan and really enjoy them" -- Noel Chandler,CEO, Mosio - Text a Librarian service.

"Whenever I feel inspired I'd visit his blog and I am sure I can always learn a few new things from this think tank." -- Hoi Ng, E-Services Librarian, Victoria Park Library

"NUS librarian Aaron Tay runs a very informative blog called Musing about librarianship" -- highlighted on Centre for Instructional Technology Blog

"Wow, @aarontay has a really informative blog on library & database widgets, search plugins, etc" -- via twitter Jeff Karlsen (Librarian)

"The blog looks very informative and interesting, will be adding to my feed"-- Ivy Lee, NLB Librarian

"Great find, Ivan!  Thanks for sharing, I added his blog to my feed." -- Lisa Philpotts, Librarian

"My #followfriday goes to @aarontay , a techy librarian from Singapore. Has many tips as a tweeter and a blogger" -- Laika (Jacqueline), medical information specialist at the Academical Medical Center (AMC) in Amsterdam via Twitter

"#followalibrarian #followfriday @aarontay he's always exploring & experimenting w/ new tech for libraries & sharing great info along the way" -- Sarah Vogel, Pharma / Biotech information researcher  via Twitter

"I've been reading your blog and have found it most informative.  I am a second-year librarian (work in both public and academic - P/T) and just wanted to express my appreciation for the useful professional content." -- via email

"Keep blogging! I know it's time consuming, but your blog always has interesting stuff!" -- via Twitter, Lindy Brown, LIS Student

"I really liked his blog because it is so informative! He writes about LibX, Xobni, UserVoice, GetSatisfaction, Yelp, Library 2.0, and interactive location maps for libraries. You will have to check out his blog if you want to really understand these tools and many others...it is great because he gives directions on how to use his ideas, as well as explains why they are relevant." --  Jordan Hogg's favourite library blog.

"My current favourite feeds" "This blog is interesting and the author is cool in a not-taking-himself-too-seriously kind of way. And it attracts news and comments from all over the world." -- Jo Hunter, Oxford University Health Care Libraries , presentation "Learning from HE : feedback  from the UKSG Conference 09

"I’m getting a lot out of your posts–thanks so much for being so generous with examples here (and in previous posts)." -- Jeff Karlsen(LibrarianSacramento City College Learning Resource Center)

Included in my top 5 favorite blogs by David Ramirez, Librarian in Colombia. 

6 Library Tech Blogs I love , TechBits, Bits of Technology for your Library 

Listed on "100 best blogs for Librarians of future"

"As a modern day library student, you’re probably excited about discovering and experimenting with the new tools and systems that have changed the way we find, receive and catalog information. But with all of the new technology out there, it can be hard to keep track of everything beyond your own niche field of study. This collection of library and information technology blogs have changed that, and now you’ll be able to learn about all of the trends, developments, tools and resources available to librarians in every niche."

Listed on "100 best blogs for School Librarians"

"School librarians, whether they work small college libraries, large research universities and departments, or elementary schools, need to stay current on the latest in technology innovation, reading lists, the publishing world, ebook trends, special project and lesson ideas, and a lot more. Luckily, you don’t have to think of everything all by yourself. These 100 bloggers serve as excellent reference resources for learning about everything from library technology to young adult fiction."Listed on "100 best blogs for School Librarians"

Listed in e-journal, Internet resources newsletter. Issue 173, Edinburgh: Heriot-Watt University Library. ISSN 1361-9381 under "selected interesting blogs, RSS feeds and related news items

Syndicated on North Harris Library wiki for librarians (wiki for librarians from North Harris Library)

Syndicated on Library Lifesteam - In English by Åke Nygren (librarian from Norway who maintains a resource sharing site for librarians there)

Many blog posts are routinely listed as required reading on LIS Courses such as Micheal Stephens LIS753 or  Meredith Farkas's classes (Example here , here & here)

Selected mentions of specific articles

Some of my most popular posts such as "iPhone apps for librarians" a summary of library related iPhone apps have being retweeted over 60 times (including by the influential ALAtech Twitter accounts),  "QR codes for libraries - some thoughts" , "4 Successful social media campaigns for and by libraries" has being featured on American Libraries Direct magazine  . 


  American Libraries Direct magazine  - The e-newsletter of the American Library Association | March 3, 2010

"What are mobile friendly library sites offering? A survey." has being retweeted 60+ times, is bookmarked on delicious 100 times, and is featured in among other places

ALA OITP (Office for Information Technology Brief) Policy Brief, No.3 





Top 10 most popular posts on iLibrarian

Mentions in conferences

Brian Kelly facilitated a 2 hour workshop session on Using the Social Web to Maximise Access to Your Resources

Other posts, figures below are accurate only has of Jan 2010. 

Creating 3D worlds from webpages using ExitReality

Libraries and crowdsourcing - 6 examples

Bayesian filtering of RSS feeds - can you automatically find interesting journal articles?

Zooming into presentations - Zoomit, Prezi & pptPlex

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GoogleWave - First thoughts

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Sharing links with users - 8 different ways

Viewing research alerts - full text within Google reader

"insightful review of Google reader features" -- via Twitter  Joan Star, Mgr of Strategic & Project Planning @ California Digital Library, Univ. of California


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Using library 2.0 tools for technical services

   "I always learn something from Aaron's posts!" -- Bill Shepherd, Reference Librarian, Emory University

   "Great post about using 2.0 in tech services" --  John Adkins, Head of Public Services at the University of San Diego    Legal Research Center.

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Feedback for libraries - Getsatisfaction, UserVoice, Yelp

        "Excellent! This is very helpful. Thanks for sharing." -- Marky,  Information Services, Librarian Eastern University, Warner Memorial Library
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Interactive location maps for libraries


Aggregating sources for academic research in a web 2.0 world

"An excellent post. Academic research is changing rapidly. new tools, new methods" -- Thomas Otter, Research Director at Gartner

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Does your library have a Firefox add-on collection?

"This is a VERY cool idea! I love it!" --Buffy Gunter Hamilton, Librarian

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An information dashboard for your library service points (II) - Using Netvibes and FriendFeed

"This is a detailed, helpful post on how to do some real-life information mashing. I hope people will find this useful in their own situations." --Bill Shepherd, Reference Librarian, Emory University

"Loved it " -- Freddymin, CEO Netvibes.

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An information dashboard for your library service points (I) - Using email, RSS and FriendFeed

Mashup your Library’s Twitter, Flickr, Youtube, Facebook accounts!

"Nice post! Great ideas! I think it would be great for publicity, getting attention is no easy matter. I'll see if any one is game for this at my library and let know if I can get something like this going. Keep at it!" -- Victor Santiago, librarian.

"Great post Aaron... I have started to play with the apps you have posted and share an interest in this area with you... Mix09 was a great event and Floatzam another example of innovative minds at work." -- Paul Hayton Electronic Services Coordinator, Dunedin Public Libraries/NZ

Featured example by Dr Myungdae Cho, SungKyunKwan University at 6th international conference on social software , 15-16/9 , 2009 , JeJu, Korea.

Official Library Twitter accounts- what factors are correlated with number of followers?

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Managing Twitter accounts for libraries - What are libraries doing?

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Library twitter league - official library twitter accounts compared

  • "I read your blog posts when you tweet them & find your posts (& evidence) on libraries & Twitter v. useful. Please continue!" -- Brian Kelly ,from  UKOLN, a national centre of expertise in digital information management.
  • "great blog post! note that OU_library is the Open University (UK long distance / remote learning Uni) so that's 3 unis in top 20" -- Chris Keene, Technical Development Manager (Library), University of Sussex Library keene
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Google Profile of Libraries

"I had not seen your Google Profile article until just a few minutes ago, but it dovetails perfectly with what I did yesterday—I created a Google Profile for my library. Keep up the terrific work and thinking ahead of the curve!” –Buffy Gunter Hamilton, Librarian

Subject guides on web 2.0 startup pages - 12 widgets

"Article about using NetVibes for library home pages and subject guides, and offering lots of things via widgets. Very important article." -- comment on delicious

Make library search widgets with Widgetbox, Clearspring and netvibes

Creating web search widgets for any database - 3 different options

"Very nice! RT @aarontay Creating web search widgets for any database - 3 different options" -- via twitter cclibrarian JMS, Illinois. Community College librarian

"Cool! great you're sharing this! Will adopt and publish about it." -- via Twitter, Guus van den Brekel Coordinator Electronic Services at Central Medical Library, University Medical Center Groningen

Adding ezproxy to the url - 5 different methods

"A great article about the various ways to invoke ezproxy including bookmarklet, LibX,  Zotero, and GreaseMonkey here…" - Think4lib

Rss feeds, Library databases and yahoopipes

"Nice suggestion for getting around the problem of proxy servers and RSS feeds from databases" --via Friendfeed Stephen Francoeur, librarian at the Newman Library at Baruch College

Dipity for libraries

Libraries on FriendFeed

"From Musings about Librarianship, Aaron posted something I wanted to share with the greater blogospere:  Libraries on FriendFeed .. The post is a great read, providing lots of background information about libraries and social media." -- Blog post, Lindy Brown

"Great post! You have inspired me to create a Friend Feed account for my library! http://friendfeed.com/theunquietlibrary" -- Blog comment, Buffy Hamilton

Example given in "Social Networking & Libraries" presentation by Ellyssa Kroski

Top 10 opensearch searchplugins used at the Information Desk

Opensearch vs custom toolbar vs smart keyword vs bookmarklet (I)

Opensearch vs custom toolbar vs smart keyword vs bookmarklet (II)

Opensearch vs custom toolbar vs smart keyword vs bookmarklet (III)

Opensearch vs custom toolbar vs smart keyword vs bookmarklet (IV)

"Library scientist Aaron Tay discuss various mechanism for making search engines available within the browser." via Friendfeed, DeWitt Clinton (Google)

"Well how about that, I had no idea you could add all sorts of stuff to the Google Toolbar" - -- Jeff Karlsen(Librarian, Sacramento City College Learning Resource Center)

"Great post on my favourite topic "The infectious Library": http://bit.ly/y5BKQ by Aaron Tay by NUS Libraries" via Twitter by Guus van den Brekel Coordinator Electronic Services at Central Medical Library, University Medical Center Groningen

Livechat software - beyond Meebo

"Your website is actually how I discovered hab.la in the first place. So I owe you a "thank you."--via twitter (Direct Message)