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Tremend Tech Blog
Thoughts and tips about new technologies, strange bugs in commonly used applications and work arounds, fun stuff with AJAX and more. Jul 20

Ajax & .net logically
Jun 19



Random Blogger
Each month the author picks a random topic and writes on that topic for a month, general information, how to's - tonnes! Take a look. Aug 12

Soundproofing In America
Soundproofing in America is a soundproofing information blog that is is hosted by Soundproofing America, Inc. It is a blog designed to help the general public solve their soundproofing issues. The blog offers recommendations and gives in depth detailed installation procedures for most soundproofing products and materials. Aug 12

Make Money from Home - India
Featured in this blog are easy steps by which you can start earning money from your home using an internet connection and some tools. Secrets that I found out from my experience not anybody else - especially in the Indian context - ;) If you are not serious about this, please quit at once. Read carefully if you are really interested ONLY! So just be careful that you follow whatever listed here exactly and Happy money making! Aug 11

The Towne of Blogilepsy
The Towne of Blogilepsy is the community for bloggers. Featuring articles, tutorials and a forum, it is the place for bloggers to learn how to blog and to meet like minded adults. Join today! Aug 7

Blog Hacking
Design, monetization and marketing tips/tricks for blogs, podcasts, and video blogs. Aug 3

A World of Bloggers
We live in a very large world made up of extraordinarily diverse people from many cultures and countries. I enjoy reading blogs from people from around the world. It makes our large world seem that little bit smaller. Join me in bridging the gaps in our world by including your blog in my World of Bloggers. Let's take back the Internet! Jul 30

Delite Designs
Premade and custom made blogger templates Jul 30

A blog dedicated to improve the bloggerosphere with hacks, mods, methods, tips, tricks, tutorials, categories, news and articles. Jul 26

Useful links for bloggers. Jul 16  

Glass Palace Blog
Offers free templates for bloggers.
Jun 25

Blog Blond
The blond leading the for blogging dummies.
Jun 19

Blogger Tips and Tricks
Tips and tricks for those using Blogger (blogspot) for their blogs. Many tips are also relevant for those using other blogging services. Contain useful Blogger template tutorials. Well written and easy to understand.
Jun 11

Blogger Help
Tips for those using the popular Blogger blogging service, (blogspot). Many of the tips are also relevant to those using other blogging services.
Jun 11


Cell Phones

Latest smartphones in the martket and few which are still not in the market. Aug 5

Cell phones, news, stats, .... Jul 23

Blog about cellphones. reviews, pics, videos, ...
Jun 28



Iconic Point on Technology
Iconic Point delivers the latest news on mobile technology. Covering subjects such PDAs, UMPC, laptops, and hard drives. Aug 22
Here, you will find a lot of technology tips and tricks. Most of them is computer related-stuff. There's also a section for gadget review. Now, enhance your knowledge by surfing this blog. Aug 21

Computer Security Resources Blog
Spyware removers, adware removers, registry cleaners, anti-virus software, email protectors etc. Jul 15  

Computer Tips and Tricks
General computer tips and tricks. Windows, software, hardware, problems, ...
Jun 28

Computerized World
Discussion on latest news and event in my computerized world. Anything and everything will be discussed. All of you are warmly welcome.
Jun 9

Google Blogs

Official Google Blog
Googler insights into product and technology news and our culture.

Inside Adsense
A look inside Google AdSense.

Official Google Video Blog
Celebrating creative works from the many contributors to the Google Upload Program.

Google Talkabout
A blog about voice, IM and open communications with Google Talk. 



Elmo's Kablogblogan
Internet, technology, music, my life, pinoy life, e-life, blah-blah's, computers, and some posts I want to share. Aug 21

Brilliant Ideas for Business - Tips to make money online and avoid the scams. My name is John Ogden, I am determined to make money online. Sign up to my bog and learn with me. I will not be involved in ponzi or pyramid schemes, and I will warn you if I come across anything dishonest. Visit my site! Aug 7

Web Hosting Watching Blog
Review web hostings all over the world, all about web hosting. Jul 17

Incorporating In Delaware?
For internet biz owners who want to develop their business in a solid economy in all legality. Incorporate in Delaware where 58% of the 500 fortune companies of the world have incorporated their businesses. Jul 17

Forum Blog
Forum Blog is a great place to read good helpfull articles, read reviews, forum tips and tricks on how to increase traffic, find forum hosters and keep up to date on the forum world. Also we are reviewing forums and rating them online so if you are interested in having your forum rated please visit our blog. Jul 17

Gavilan's Blog
In this blog you can find some tips and some forum hosters for your forum, any feedback would be greatly appreciated. Jul 16

Free Play
I like many of you love to play games. And I love things that are free. Here is where I combine my two loves and search the web for some of the best free games. I will brave the trenches of the Internet; bare the time I could have spent at work to tell you about the games I found and what I think about them. So, with no further ado here are the game reviews… Jul 16

Free MP3 Guide
Free MP3 Downloads Blog. I discuss where to find legally free MP3 to download. I also blog how to do mp3 conversion. Jul 15

Bringing to you the best of World Wide Web! Jul 11

A blog where posts range from different assorted ideas, that Vyoma faces - in real life and on the Internet. Jul 11

Moteurs News
News about search engines and search technologies. Jul 9

Smart Money
A great resource for nes and tips on being a webmaster.
Jun 28

Prevent Online Threats
Tracks the latest online threats including spyware, adware and viruses.
Jun 27

Web Developer 2.0
Comments on web design, web application development, usability and accessibility. Also looking at the "Web 2.0" phenomenon.
Jun 27

WWW Mania!
Web services, web testing tools and technology.
Jun 27
Looking for domains to register? We put up free lists of keyword domains that are now available for you to register. Visit us, download the lists free.
Jun 25

LittleBlueBike Web Hosting
Web hosting information, deals and articles.
Jun 25



Spy Review
A site full of articles, reviews and opinions about products, services, and companies in the security and surveillance industries. Also includes a spy shop with very cool surveillance kit. Aug 17

Digital Music Tracker
Read digital music news and reviews. Get the scoop on the hottest products and the latest trends in the world of digital music. Aug 16

CD Burning from Inside
Tips and tricks for CD Burner hardware and CD Burning software. Aug 5

Latest PDAs
Latest PDAs in the market and few which are coming soon. Aug 5  

Projector Review
Projector review and buying guide. Jul 28

Bionic Buddha
Bionic Buddha is a website dedicated to content for multimedia devices. The free downloadable shows are typically under 3 minutes in length and customized for your PDA, mobile, cell, iPod or home fun viewing. Jul 26

Coolest Gadgets
News and reviews on the latest cool gadgets. The on going search for the coolest gadget. Jul 14

Gadget Gallery
Gives latest gadgets info like mobiles, laptops, digital cameras. Jul 11

MP3 News
The latest news about mp3, digital music, software and multimedia. Jul 9

Notebook Review
Notebooks reviews, PC laptops ratings, Dual Core technology , tips and tutorials choose the best notebooks / tablet laptop for you. Jul 6



Game Updates by: Lawrence
Game Updates, News, Guides and Downloads. Aug 18

Safe & Free Kids Games!
Great free kids games! As a mother I see how dangerous the Internet can be for kids. This blog is my effort to provide a safe place for kids to play free kids games. Aug 5

Computer Games Tips and Advice
A little writing blog that will change writing forever... Jul 30  

Game Planets
What planet do you choose? Jul 26


Online Revenue

Wealth Management
Making online revenue using adsense, pay per click, affiliates earnings and income. Aug 10

Make Net Money ?
News, advice, guide & FAQs on making money on the Internet. Aug 9

Make Money Online
Now say NO to scams. Read this free review on the best money making systems online and start making money instantly. Jul 16

JoeyHenry's Help Blog
This Blog discusses how to make money with your website. From Google AdSense to Search Engine Ranking Techniques this blog covers it all. Jul 16  

Tips To Make Money Online
An educational blog on different ways to make money online and avoid the scams out there. People can post their comments, ideas and ways they are making money online or the scams they fell for, so that other people can know what to choose and what to avoid. Jul 10

Make Money Online Blog
Everything you will need to start making money online, for FREE!
Jun 30


Operating System

MacDell Hackintosh
A blog about osx software running on a Dell PC. We also review osx software and Mac news. Aug 3

Windows administration tools and utilities. New scripts and software released weekly. Jul 23

Necessary Tips Plus Free Fonts
Usefull Tips for windows users. Free fonts to download. Jul 15

Linux Together
The blog is talking about Linux, especially Red Hat Enterprise Linux, CentOS and fedora core. Jul 8



Podcasting Unleashed
The latest news about Podcasting and how to make your own.
Jun 21


Search Engine

Search Feature - Daily News
Search engine news blog by search feature. Jul 19


Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Isulong SEOPH
Isulong SEOPH is my personal blog about search engine optimization (SEO), online marketing, and web development. Aug 9

I'm not a doctor
So, I figured I start my own website. Why? I am not sure. Money? Blog? Marketing? Fun? I am sure the farther this progresses I will find out. Im not a doctor that is for sure and if I was God help us all! Jul 30

SEO Blog
SEO blog offering tips and information on Search Engine Optimization and making money online. Jul 30

Search Marketing Gurus
Search marketing advice, tips, trick, news and more from industry professionals. Learn about search engine optimizations, blogs, pr for the web, analytics, paid search marketing and much more. Jul 23

Isulong Seoph
A blog about SEO experiments. Jul 17  

SEO for Site Owners and Small Businesses
Search engine optimization and search engine marketing for small businesses, includes a free tutorial and information on the latest developments in search engine optimization. Details of how to put the principles of search engine optimization into practice and where to find reliable information which can be used. Jul 8  

SEO Secrets
Great Search Engine Optimization resources, get tips and techniques to get your website listed on the main search engines.
Jun 30



The Great Software Bonanza
Great software, great prices. Lots of Demo's to try. Good links for free opensource software for Windows and Linux Aug 23

What's New In My Site
Download all free stuff movies, PC games, MP3s, mobile softwares, softwares, mobile games, online TV & more !! Aug 5  

Comprehensive Software Listing
Software Listed aims to be the largest online resource dedicated to guiding individuals and enterprises through the process of finding and selecting software solutions. Contains comprehensive listing of software solutions in different categories. Aug 3

The Author's Blog
Home of Image DeDuper, File Joiner, Bazzacuda Image Saver (FireFox extension) and more, with more due very soon, hence the blog. Jul 30  

Awesome Photoshop Tips
Increase your efficiency with pro level Photoshop tips! Jul 18

Enter The G.P.S
Download programs. Jul 17

Adobe Fotoshop
 AdobePhotoshop tips, tricks, tutorials, downloads, news, ...
Jun 28


Techno Blogs Internet & Tech Articles
Summaries of internet and tech articles posted to Aug 22

Bringing together Canada's connected community. A blog about Canadian companies stories and successes. Looking at the world of PR, marketing and technology. Aug 6

ArsCompendium- Evolution of the Digital Scribe
An adsense sharing website that features personal blogs as well as wiki type articles. Join us at the Compendium today! Aug 5

The place for web news, freeware, developing tools. Aug 4

Digital Storm
Software tweaks, network administration, and practices. Jul 28

Internet Marketing Blog
A weblog about search engines, blogging, tech stuff and general chat. Jul 19

Do you know?
News and events, science and technology,reference from across the globe. Jul 18
Irritable notes about our technical world. Rants on web development and site promotion, search engines and software, and big bad evil companies. Plus fun links and cool websites. Jul 17

New Coders
A tutorial for those wishing to get into computer science, and coding, formatted as a blog. Jul 17  

Welcome to anuvinu
Visit this blog for E-Books, Applications, Games, Rapidshare links, etc. Jul 17

Tech Headaches
Hardware and software mishaps, dealing with everything from overclocking, to C++ programming. Topics generally focus on Debian Linux (and derivitive versions), FreeBSD, & Windows Vista. Problems and solutions are presented as they happen. If that dosen\'t cure your tech headache, take some asprin. Jul 15

Technology blog with focus on consumer electronics and wireless tech. Jul 15

SiliconGlen, Scotland. Tartan Tech Talk.
Blog from Scotland about life in Scotland, business, inventions, jobs etc. Jul 15

Computer, Lifestyle and Me
Blog on computer, hardware, software, Internet and so much more Jul 8  

Internet Makes You Dumb
This blog is dedicated to all kind of nerd stuff, including YouTube videos, websites, blogs, off-beat news etc. Jul 8

AV Report
Bleeding edge audio and video technology blog. Jul 7

Salo Storm Blog
Technical blog including programming, online marketing and SEO. Jul 6

Supriyadisw Dot Net
Technology tips and tricks. Sharing knowledge about computers, operation systems and more. Jul 6

Pramudita's Blog
Optimizing a blog sites, software and hardware review, interesting technology including computer and digital technology,future technology and other technology Jul 6

Window XP Tips
Window XP Tips Jul 6
Reviewing the latest engineering & technology news and stuff in this century. Jul 6

Technology BLOG
A blog with software news, updates, BETA releases, security issues, virus alerts and other interesting things.   - "because it's all about technology" Jun 30

All the Rumpus Blog
All the rumpus is a blog for community based organizations that want to learn more about online technology solutions. Jun28

Online Computer Help
Online Computer Help is dedicated to providing accurate articles and an information knowledgebase to the general public within the computer field. Jun28

Alex is the Moive
A tech blog on advertising, movies, video editing and more.

Ideliverit Blog
Laptops, Notebooks, Computers, SEO, PageRank, Advertising, Web Design, Affiliates, Adsense, Blog

Retsambew Dash Klat for Charity
Blog about tech as relates to charities.

Ramblings from a Techie
About whats going on in the tech world. My opinions and thoughts.

A group blog that serves buckshots at what is crazy, filthy, and exceedingly intriguing.

Digital Media News Portal
Digital Media News Portal : " How many of you guessed interent will effect day to day life so much...find out how it effects in coming years"
Jun 19

Unique writing style (someone else's quote, not mine) and technology news & views combined with the odd rant here and there and the website's quite fun too!
Jun 15 


Web Developments

Web Hosting Finds Blog
Offbeat discussion of web hosting and site building. Jul 6

Kevin Boyer
Updated daily with information for webmasters and bloggers about technology, software, SEO, and web design & development.
Jun 25



Video Bubble Preview
Pre-postings for covering the surge in web video--the video bubble! Jul 8

Clip Frenzy
Funny, crazy and interesting video clips found from throughout the world wide web. I look for only the best and post them on a daily (or close to it) basis. Jul 7