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 Vedic Astrology Notes - Chart Making
Articles on Vedic Astrology. Online chart making tools for aiding study of Astrology. Aug 6  


Current News

Explore Iloilo
Explore the Heart of the Philippines Aug 27

Talads Thoughts
A take on the days leading political news stories. With insightful and often times humours takes on the political parties with a slight conservative bent. Even though the writers have taken the Republicans to the shed a time or two. Aug 23

News, opinions and comments occurring in life and society. No topic is off limits, as long as the idea is different. Currently I serving my 3rd year of imprisonment in the Bangalore's IT Industry, but I bring a perspective which only a very few share. Smile and I hope you enjoy E-Nagar. There will also be a regular dose of jokes and quotes to lighten things up. Aug 3

Sri Lanka: Land Like No Other
A blog space to discuss news & current affair on Sri Lanka Jul 28

Bert Sledge, P.I.
This is a no-holds-barred look at current news, ideas, philosophy, and the people and events that shape our lives. Jul 20

Hotnews's Blog
Daily updated news. Jul 20



Business Studies for Students and other Lifeforms
A site for students to check on ideas and tips about business. It will contain questions, quotes, revision tips, case studies, news and links etc, that will provide a holistic approach while you are learning business. Aug 4

mRoo Stories
Children's stories, song lyrics, poems, blues, and sometimes other stuff. Jul 20

Genealogy Roots Blog
Tools to help find online genealogy databases, records and resources. Major topics include death indexes, military, census, and immigration records. Jul 15

Gardens and More-ECSE Learning
This blog is about our Early Childhood Special Education class. It features our garden, our classroom, field trips, everything that makes learning fun! Jul 14

Mr Allan's Maths Blog
An interactive blog to help with your maths homework, tests, etc Jun28

Writer's Edge is a weblog community.  Members are paid to blog. Unlimited entries, photos, modules, writings, & more. Jun26

Special Education
The mis-adventures of students and adults living through no child left behind and special education co-existing. Is every student destined for college and what became of vocational technical education? Jun 13



King Solomon's Blog
A place to ponder over the sublime mysteries of Ancient Craft Masonry, and those things appendant to it or influenced by it. Esoteric topics are studied here from a Masonic viewpoint. Aug 6


Addiction Recovery

Alcoholic Brain
Alcoholic addict recovery. 12 steps sex addiction. Jul 15



Family History Basics
FHB is for the beginner as well as for the experienced researcher who is willing to share their experiences. Jul 28



The Egyptian Scribe
You want to learn Egyptian hieroglyphs but you don\'t know where to begin? I will try to explain how I started and then you can follow my discovering of this amazing civilization and its script. Jul 23

Vedanta Mantra
The website contains teachings of swami Vivekananda, links photographs of swami Vivekananda, audio of speech of swami Vivekananda. Jul 23

Civil War Women
Bios and articles about women of the Civil War era, how they lived, what they did to survive. Jun 30



Islam from inside
Islam and islamic issues from an esoteric, internal perspective. Aug 31

Wa Salaam
A Muslim-American Journal Aug 9

Islam and the West
Islam and The West- Opinions af a Kashmiri Nomad. Jun 30


Journalist Blog

A por el mar
A journalist blog. Jul 26

Life through the eyes of an aspiring journalist. Jul 16



Digital photography, natural history, travel, literature, arts, theatre, food, bristol, language & lingusitics, curiosities, pastimes, general knowledge, plants and animals, walking, mountains, googling. Jul 14

The Surging Waves
The Surging Waves - Latest news on nature and environment, global warming, climate change, wildlife, science and environmental issues.
Jun 26

Moonlight Becomes Me
Mystical, magical Moon stories, folklore, photos, art, quotes, and astrology.
Jun 19

Enviroman Says
Enviroman wants to help create a greater awareness of the need to protect and conserve our environment. Help Enviroman in this endeavour. Help put words into Enviroman's mouth. Put your thoughts in the comments section. Even better, put a catchy phrase into Enviroman's mouth. For example, Rene Descartes said, "I think, there I am." Enviroman says, "I think, there I reduce, reuse, recycle and freecycle."
Jun 11



Sarasvati Metaphors of Wealth
The 'indus script' has defied resolution for over 75 years. Finally, the code has been cracked. S.  Kalyanaraman calls the script Sarasvati hieroglyphs using mleccha (meluhha) language. Most of the 4000 epigraphs have been explained as the repertoire of a smithy of the bronze age. The legacy continues in the ligatured makara (crocodile-elephant-snail combination) and on many devices used on early punch-marked coins. The language is further explained in a monograph at Jun 8



Blog @
Public issues opinion and analysis for citizen lobby Blog introduces issues to initiate discussion and development of consensus for lobbying citizen concerns to government and corporate interests. Aug 24

Save A World
One place for all your Israel Support, News, Organizations, Discussions. Shalom, welcome to our discussion board. Let's talk about ... beautiful Israel, News, Support, music, Jerusalem, Tsfat, etc... Aug 30

Free World Forever
Terror is becoming widespread throughout the world. Islamic totalitarianism is threatening freedom worldwide. We must stop terror and terror attacks. News, anti-terror resources, things we can do to help. Discussions welcome. Aug 30

On My Mind
My thoughts and opinions on events of the day. Mostly political, but some daily happenings on the home front. Aug 30

Corrupt Outlook
Current Events written from a 30-something, liberal-independant. I hate Democrats, but I hate Republicans a lot more. Aug 18

Depresident Political Blog
Comments on world news and U.S. politics. Aug 8

Why Is Bush Still In Office?
Politics. Aug 5

The American Israeli Patriot
A middle east diary. Political analysis by an American Israeli. Aug 5

Rational Discovery
Strategic progressives derived from the constitution. Aug 3

A campaigning blog against Liverpool City Council's evil cabal of Sir David Henshaw, Dr David McElhinney and Mr Phil Halsall. Jul 18  

Fashion, War & Other Necessities
Changing opinions about what to wear and world conflict, one post at a time. Jul 16

Another Opinion
Just the opinions and musings of a North Carolina man regarding things around the house, around town, around the state, and around the country. Jul 11

PA State Representatives
I'm a Lehigh Valley resident interested in informing people of the candidates who are running for office. Jul 11

Welcome to 1984
Dispelling the many myths of our society and exposing the ugly underbelly of democracy. This blog is but one persons perspective on the need for a radically new world. A world where the shackles of global inequality are finally broken, a world where true freedom exists for everyone and not just a select few, a world without war and poverty, a world without hunger, and a world where a minority of self-serving elites no longer grow richer at the expense of the many. Jul 11

National and local politics, Quote of the Day, Poem of the Day, Animal Advocacy issues, literary links, funny animal stories, no real personal stuff Jul 8

We at Donkephant give the average citizen a chance to make an informed decision based on a simple breakdown of political rhetoric, without having to sift through political spin. And we are funny too. Jul 6

Smashed Frog
A political viewpoint discussing the absurdities of American government. Jun 30

Time to reform UN and the way we do charity. Jun 28

Yuck Politics
Covering the crappier side of politics, current events and history. Jun 26



Mormons: Latter-day Gnostics
Latter-day Saint religion with a Gnostic flare. This blog tends to be Socially liberal and Doctrinally conservative, an unusual mix in modern Mormonism. Aug 6

The People of the Book
The People of the Book is a blog about a collection of 37 paintings of key people from the Bible. Each painting is a unique interpretation of that character from the Bible. Jul 26

This blog explores God's grace in real life. Much of my life is spent pastoring my family and my church, where I see God's grace powerfully working in weak sinners. Jul 19

The High Watch
The High Watch - A View of God's Unfolding Divine Plan. A "road map" for those who are under the false impression they're lost on their spiritual path. A guarantee that you are not only in the right place at the right time, but proof of WHY! Jun 30

The Evangelical Spectator
Tall tales of the Bible Belt. Daily news accounts of strange and miraculous eye witness reports on burning bushes, flying bibles, and angels who will give you a lift to church, if you don't have one. Jun 19

Faith of the Fathers
Main blog of a group of multiblogs about and dedicated to the Roman Catholic faith. With blogs on Approved Apparitions, Saints of the Faith, Spiritual Wrafare and more! Jun 11