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Consumer Product

Mystique Vintage Clothing Blog
Commentary about buying, selling & wearing vintage clothing. Previews of items for sale on my site. Aug 3

Featuring the latest in well-designed consumer products that are a pleasure to use and provide a incomparable value for the $$. Jul 23

The Replicas
Different replicas. Rolexes, other replicas- news, watch reviews, advices and offers. Jul 23



Elvis Presley Directory
Search for all things Elvis Presley Aug 22

Sonic the Hedgehog
Sonic the Hedgehog news and information blog. Aug 18

Brutally honest commentary on the latest celebrity news & gossip. Guaranteed laughs! Updated daily. Aug 17

Style Ikon Fashion Fad
Latest news in fashion and style. Get your latest updates on whats in and whats out in the fashion world. Aug 17

Deal or No Deal
Deal or No Deal: Show commentaries, stats, reviews, views and more for the TV show Deal or No Deal. Aug 15

Jessica Simpson Pictures
A site dedicated to high definition pictures of top celebrities like Jessica Simpson, Lindsay Lohan, Jessica Alba, Britney Spears and more! Aug 12

Reviews and Insight
Has reviews on electronics, books, and movies. Aug 7

Anderson Cooper Effects
Television news. Aug 5

A Beastmarkets Daily Companion
Celebrity gossip, cultural tidbits, and social commentary are regular features on this neurotic pre-med student\'s blog. Aug 5
Fashion, celebrities, lifestyle and more. Aug 4

We cover: film and video, DVDs, movies, reviews, digital cameras, DV, acting, film school, video editing, screenplays, television, film festivals, big screen TVs, and vintage posters. Aug 3

Information, biography, news, and pictures of Rihanna. Jul 30

Studio 60 News
This is a fan site that is dedicated to the NBC show "Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip" created by Aaron Sorkin. As a fan of "SportsNight" and "The West Wing," I hope to bring you info from sites I read everyday, anyway. Jul 26

My Hidden Conspiracies
It's mainly about my views on entertainment and the conspiracies behind them. Jul 17

My Thumps
Sexy, silly musings from a struggling female writer in NYC a la Carrie Bradshaw with a more celebrity/pop culture angle. Jul 17  

Registos do tempo
Fresh Photo Journalism blog. Still has few photos but a bookmarking is adviced. I know this guy and I really appreciate his work. Jul 15

The best of bollywood as seen from blogosphere and media -coveres reviews, previews and more from blogers. Jul 15

It's my cool web plz check it out. Yo! Jul 15

Mr. Lucky's World of M
Posts about aural artists beginning with a "M" in their name - with no borders or fences in style. Includes special links, pics, texts and download links for 192kbs mp3s. Jul 15  

Wappy [Spanish]
Entretenimiento para la comunidad hispana Jul 11

FilmSmack lists the latest film and entertainment news, hollywood headlines, film reviews, and filmtrailers. Jul 11

Latest news from the fashion world. Beautiful pictures. Get styling tips. Kate Moss, Helena Christensen, Nicole Richie, new trends. Whats hot. And good music. Jul 11  

Fashion Design
Daily hot photo & news about supermodels. Jul 10

The ultimate 80's heavy metal music resource. Find information including news, articles, reviews and tour dates about your favorite 80's metal bands including Poison, Motley Crue, Kiss, Judas Priest, Iron Maiden, Ratt, Dokken, Ozzy, Def Leppard, Bon Jovi, Queensryche, Whitesnake and more. Jul 7

Meep's Musings
What you'll find on "Meep's Musings" are movie reviews, pretty photos, the odd favorite song to listen to and random odes to the Corrs. Jul 6

Is This Music On?
Is this mic on?  Stop over and find out!
Jun 30

This is a cool blog, just see it to believe it.
Jun 30

Photos, videos, news and gossip on everyone's favorite female celebrities!
Jun 30

Lyrics of songs I like. Over 180 songs now, and everyday more.
Jun 28

Addicted to Films
My blog is a simple blog that I've just made. Its basically about the movies I've watched and movies in general.
Jun 28

The Video Rambler
Funny and interesting videos from Google Video, YouTube and more.
Jun 28

I Spit On Your Movie
Movie news, reviews, trailers, DVD and more.
Jun 26

Kamikaze Labs is an entertainment blog about movies, television, comic books, novels and sci-fi.
Jun 26

Night Banquet
A new movie of Ziyi Zhang due summer 2006. A loose adaptation of "Hamlet" with exciting kung fu twist. With Zhang Ziyi's leading role, The Banquet is one of the must see in 2006.
Jun 26

Philippa's Daily News Planet
My blog is dedicated to broadcasting my opinions on news, media, tv, sport and celebrities.
Jun 15

About Hindi Movies,Widely visited by Americans and Indians. Gives details about Hindi film actors and gossip news.
Jun 10



A nice assortment of vintage advertising, photos , unusual things and retro goodness. Aug 4

Recipes from Grandma
A recipe blog that contains old recipes collected over the last 40 years - some from my grandmother, some from my mother-in-law, some from estate sales, and some just sounded too good to throw away! Most are fast and easy to make! Jul 30

Cooking Recipes for Any Father
Cooking rceipes posted by a real father who cooks for his family. Family tested and easily duplicated. Jul 18

The Wine Rack
A place to share opinions, information and ideas about wine. This is a forum to pass along wines you like, don\'t like or think are great values. Please feel free to comment on existing posts or create your own. Regards and enjoy, Mike. Jul 15

Free Stuff Hunter
We scour the Internet for real manufacturer samples. No fake free stuff. This is all 100% real free samples from great companies you trust. Jul 8
Insightful commentary on the global food business Jul 6

All Recipes Blog
Collection of recipes from around the world. Soups, breads, pastas, indian, italian, mexican, pie, cocktails, salads, turkey, chocolate,cookies, chicken, cake, beverages,  beef, barbeque, appetizers and many more recipes to enjoy. Jun 28

Natural Remedies
"Let your food be your medicine and your medicine be your food" Hippocrates 460 - 359 BC "Vitality and beauty are gifts from nature for those who live according to its laws." Leonardo DeVinci. Jun 11

Feel Good Food
Natural foods that make you feel good, foods that can reduce the chances of getting cancer or other illnesses. Natural foods includes vegetables and fruits. Jun 8



A journey into the mind of the Question-Man. An expression of what we see, but tend to ignore. Come inside, and take a moment to read what I Gotta Know...I can't wait to read YOUR thoughts. Aug 31

Lawak, Jokes and Some Weird Stuff
A blog of jokes, the best lawak and some really weird Stuff. Aug 22

The Moving (Middle) Finger Writes
Turning the universe to my own unique point of view. Aug 18

Funny Video Corner
Watch funny videos to pass the time or even music videos to 'rock on' with. Aug 5

Amazing Illusions
Providing a fresh look at spontaneous and cutting edge illusions that occurs in real Life. Jul 26

Clip Frenzy
Funny and crazy video clips from around the world wide web posted and commented on daily. Jul 19

Beer Soaked Clothing
Beers, parties, drunk need something to watch while doing that, check out Beer Soaked Clothing. Jul 7


Leisure Recreation

Camping Supplies and Gear
Camping supplies, camping gear and information on hiking, backpacking and outdoor activities Aug 9

Rachel's Ramblings
Knitting, socks, life. Aug 3

Soap Making Instruction
Soap Making Instruction features articles on how-to make soap, free soap making recipes and other information for the soap making hobby. Jul 26  

Sweet Knittilicious Spot
Just another girl with a cat, a big stash, an obsession with pointy sticks and shiny objects! Check out my eBay shop: for my selection of handmade knitting and crochet stitch markers. Jul 11



The Country Review
A Country music review blog that is upheld by country music fans Aug 11

About |DRUMS|
About |DRUMS| is a complete news blog that brings you all kind of drummer's world. Visit us now ! Aug 3

This is a shyari blog. Jul 18

World Best Music
World Best Music all on one place. Jul 7

DJ Jaikie
My blog got music videos and lyrics plus some various pictures including funny ones. Jun 15


Pug Blog
Weblog of's Django the Pug. Read about the life of this Dutch dog. Aug 9

My Cats and Funny Stories
As victim of my four cats I describe their way of life with a lot of pictures. Aug 3  

Pet Owner Info Resources Blog
Pet Owner Information Resources - Dog obedience tty potty training, puppy house training, cats, fish, dog training Jul 15  

The Poodle (and Dog) Blog
Celebrating the remarkable, the ordinary and the very funny dogs who live among us. Jun 11

Golden Retriever Brothers
Paws Fur a Moment features golden retriever brothers Nugget and Comanche from wonderful Wyoming. Blog showcases their personalities, thoughts, likes, dislikes, adventures, day-to-day happenings and their own note card line. Explore Wyoming through the eyes of two wonderful goldens. Also showcased is orginal photography of "the boys" by their "mom". Jun 10



The Listed Wrong Blog
The search engine will allow you to search for what you want, and will search our database of almost one million misspelled words to find common misspellings and will then search eBay for these keywords for you! The blog is incoherant ramblings about the search engine from the site's owner. Aug 11

The Traysaver Network
The Traysaver Network brings you deals, free stuff, and coupons from around the Internet. Jul 26

Mable's Unique Shopping Blog
Mable's blog offers fun and unique gift ideas for year round gift giving. With discounts and coupons to your favorite online shops. Jul 18



Iceland Travel Journal
If you are planning to visit Iceland and would like to read more about the popular tourist attractions, this blog would be a great place to start. You could get comprehensive real-life experience from a student who traveld to Iceland. July 18

East Coast Travels
A one month tour of the East Coast of the USA. Including travel tips. Aug 22

New York City Tourist Attractions
The official big apple blog for authoric reviews opinions and suggestions on various NYC tourist attraction, landmarks, museums and sightseeing sites. Aug 8

Our Travel Blog
This blog highlights our travel experiences around the region of South East Asia. It provides information for travellers coming to this region. Aug 5  

World Famous in New Zealand
What is New Zealand famous for? Visit my blog and find out. Aug 4

Countries and Cities Personal Travel Descriptions
Personal description of countries and cities I have been visiting with a lot of photos. Aug 3  

Philippines Vacation
Philippines Vacation provides tips, reviews and information about the Philippines for those seeking a vacation there. Jul 30

Blogging Abroad
Everything about travel blogging and much more! Jul 30  

Caraga...Paradise on the Rise
My blog showing about the beautiful spot found in my region. I will show it through images and text so that you will see the beauty that God given to us in our place. Jul 28

Living and working in the Outer Hebrides, an archipelago off the west coast of Scotland. Especially featuring pictures of the spectacular, deserted and stunning beaches for which these islands are increasingly well-known. Jul 27

Holidays in Umbria
Come discover my beautiful region, Umbria, the green heart of Italy! Jul 27

Narratives about Countries and Cities
Narratives about all the countries and cities I have seen and about Waterloo and it's battle. With pictures. Jul 18

Hemingway's Paris
Ernest Hemingway as an expatriot in 1920s Paris. Where he perfected his unigue writing style. Plus many of the famous characters he met, F. Scott Fitzgerald, Gertrude Stein, Picasso, and many others. Also - it's a story about Paris. Jul 17

Travels of an agoraphobic. I went to Italy in the 1980s using lots of medication to get on the plane. It was the best time of my life & I'm trying to get back. Read about Bergamo, Italy and many other cities we visited. Jul 17

Blogging Abroad
My name is Casey and I just started up for a few reasons: 1. I absolutely love travelling 2. I love reading travel blogs 3. I love looking at travel photos 4. To give travel bloggers a place to showcase their blogs. We will bring you the best travel blogs out there, as well as information on how to start, create and promote your own outstanding travel blog. Jul 15

Journey Partner
Journeypartner - India tour planner, Rajasthan tours India, Palace on Wheels India, luxury train India, Goa Hotels, Delhi Hotels, Bangalore Hotels, Taj Mahal Tour. Jul 15

Vegas Vacation Tips
A site where the beginner to seasoned Vegas veteran can learn whats new or pick up a few money saving coupons. Jul 11

Who's Yo Mama
Discover through Kuanyin’s blogging what life is all about on the trendy destination island of Maui, Hawaii. Through photos and text, Kuanyin will introduce you to her friends, the best beaches, the people, the restaurants, the fun things to do, and the challenges that living on an island in the middle of the Pacific brings. Jul 7

The Rambling Blog
Principally includes travel articles, but also includes a section on weddings, shopping and tools for webmasters.  Visit   TheRambling Blog and leave your comments, backlink or whatever else you feel like saying. Jun 30

Runway Rubber Duckie
The worldwide travels of a rubber duck, who, in garden gnome fashion, sends pictures and stories of his travels to the folks at home. Jun 11

A way of keeping the information about my bar in the costa Del Sol open to my customers worldwide. Informaton about what is happening, things coming up and also results of any competitions held at the bar. Jun 10

Seeing Things in Texas
Stories, reports, and occurrences from a place heavy in vibrations...never a dull moment in the freak capital of Texas.