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All My Wisdom. Aug 27

Stories, reviews, drawings, photographs and otherwise expressed ideas in an always evolving blog. Aug 24

Cbreaux Speaks
Maybe it could be considered "leaving tracks for my progeny." As an elder who's lived a rich and fulfilling life, it is rewarding to be able to mark the high and low places through blogging, and -- when it feels right -- share the lessons learned. By visiting the past in this way, I seem to place myself well in the present with less fear of the future. It's odd to still feel contemporary, but I do. Aug 29

Crazy Quilt
A riot of color. And shdes of grey. My reflections on a Saturday afternoon.. Aug 29

Meta Kate
Things that make me laugh or things that make me angry. And stuff... Aug 30

A proof the aliens really do exists. This is a personal online diary of the one and only gUrLaLiEn. Get to know more about an alien personal life living on earth and how she copes up with the everyday problem she has. Learn what is like being an alien. Aug 30

Shane's Blog
Shane is a 36 year old American man who is a single father with two kids, ages 9 and 12. This page describes points in my life I feel like sharing. You can leave comments on a specific blog by clicking the corresponding story link on the left. I am quite often brutally honest here. I do not hide who I am. If I was not, it would not be worth your time to read. Enjoy. Aug 31

Planet Reilly
One part life, one part travel, one part sports and just a dash of pretension for flavor. Aug 23

Life Thoughts
The daily account of the trial and tribulations that is the life of Michael Cole. Read his daily thoughts here in this blog daily! Aug 22

News, views, insights and opinions on politics, sports, society, culture, entertainment and media, from one of India's top blogs. Aug 21

Every Topic in the Universe(s?)
Science, the unknown, and the human race... and how it might all be connected. Aug 20

Kimberly Marie .net
Home to a 26 year old lesbian. From Ohio, in Florida, moving back to Ohio. Lives with the girl of her dreams, and 4 rats, 2 cats, 1 dog and 1 hamster (mini-zoo, yes). A little bit of this, a little bit of that. Aug 19

The Legend of Wolversteve
This must be made by an amimal with strength ten. That is, ten on the ten scale. May the legend live on in all you wolflings. Aug 18

BlogCite is where "Talented Writers" Unite! Its a new site; Just launched this month. As it grows we will pride ourselves in only having "Quality Posts" for our readers. Its a great community for Blog writers & readers alike. Aug 15

Drollery at it's oddest
The crazed and entertaining ramblings of a schizoaffective college student. Aug 13

Mero Soch
This Blog is a Mirror of mE. It tells you about what I feel, what I see and what I think by observing the world around mE. It is dedicated to all the "close & special" people who know me BUT on the other hand also, Don't Know Me! Aug 12

Rose DesRochers
World Outside My Window is a blog about, controversial topics, current events, daily life, family and the world as I see it. Aug 12

This is where i cram my thoughts plus interesting stuffs(with cool poetry too if I'm free).... Its filled with stories and happenings of my life and others.... as well as what i deem fit to write about...fell free to check my blog and drop in a few advice too...PEACE^^ Aug 10

Diary of a mistress
Mistress day to day ctivities and up and down of being a mistress Aug 9

The Private Intellectual
A mixture of Philosphy, Masonry and life experience from the inside, looking out. Aug 9

Life's Current Context
I am a root canal specialist but this blog isn't just about root canals. Aug 9

No Way I'm Gonna Blog About That!
Some blogs just blog about everything to sound interesting. This one tries not to, but fails. Aug 9

Sarana's Slog
Take a peak into the daily life on board our plastic boat on the salty sea. This is our Ship's Log or SLOG. Like the great explorers before us: we're lost foreigners looking for safe harbors, good food and friendly people. Aug 8

Vusi666 - my sick, twisted mind..
just my own personal shit, including cool links and pics. Aug 8

Life can be incredible
My blog is about my experience of a woman entering her thirties in Paris. I talk about just about anything in my life and city. Aug 8

Kevin The Collie Dog Training and Care
Dog's Life - Adventures of a London Dog, Kevin The Collie. Dog training, health and care tips. Aug 7

Screw U
This blog was created to voice my personal opinions and views about the website, the company Carl Knight Limited AKA Sterling Rock and Carl Knight/Buckingham himself. In here you'll find background info, consumer reviews, useful links and plenty of warnings about all of the above. Aug 6

Wednesdays with Joe
Basically it's a blog about my pointless life. The blog is a grabbag of stupid stories about my life, pointless things i feel the need to pontificate on, and starting in the fall, gambling advice for all you degenerates out there. Aug 6

Scarlet Angel
My blog is about my country, South Africa. I talk about politics, religion, personal, just about anything in my life and country. Aug 6

The sound of music. Aug 5

Daily Life and interests of a New Zealand English language instructor in Nagoya Aichi Japan. Books, DVDs, music. Aug 5

Daily Belly Button Lint
After moving to Japan, I've opened a blog to describe my daily experiences in a different culture and the other travels I'm making during this adventurous time in my life. Aug 4

It's film and book reviews, thoughts about my neighbors, worries about my life, and words about words. Aug 4

My Life Laid Bare
The diary of an unrepentant mistress. Aug 4

The Merry Rose
Read on to find out why I believe that we need to: "If you succeed through violence at the expense of other's rights and welfare, you have not solved the problem, but only created the seeds for another." - Dalai Lama & "Be the change you wish to see in the world." - Mohandas Gandhi. Aug 4

Hard To Explain
Your everyday fun-loving, curious bum/student/teenager from Singapore. Aug 4  

Pigeon's Blog
All about Linux, programming, piano, music, pigeon, photos & wallpapers, flight sim ... Aug 3

Unanswered Letters
My dad passed away in January 2006 after a valiant battle with pancreatic cancer. These are letters I've written to him since then, knowing I'll never get his reply. Aug 3

Ravings on everything from life to politics to sociopathology. Aug 3

My personal blog where I write about everything happening around me that included my passions and interests! Aug 3

玻璃罐裡的思念 [Chinese]
紀錄一些點滴.. Aug 3  

My Study Abroad Diary - Ryugaku Nikki
The blog is about me moving to New Zealand to study at the age of 17. It's being 7 years now, in this blog I post my stories and some tips/suggestions for those who are thinking of going overseas to study like myself. People who are wanting to go to Japan to study, this blog might encourage you. Ask me if I can be any help. :) Note: The site is in Japanese. Aug 3

Reeholio's Home Blog
Home page of Reeholio. Bestest-blog-of-the-day award winner for "A World of Bloggers" Jul 30

Discoveries in the Bloggersphere
Have you ever surfed the bloggersphere by pressing the "Next Blog" button at the top of this page? The world is made up of very diverse and interesting people. This blog is a collection of the blogs I have discovered in the bloggersphere Jul 30  

Hit The Dash
Come visit the world of a black woman with a lot of shit on her mind! Music, news, photos, and just the general thoughts of soulful... Jul 30

Looney Tunes
Wanderings of a loony mind.. some insights into the mind of a young freak.. who's willing to ask himself and others the difficult questions.... Jul 30

All things about the site Jul 28

Liz's Blog
Here's a blog of the goings on of a young hip San Franciscan. Jul 28

冰‧格 [Chinese]
Hi, this is my blog. Welcome ~ I will post my drawings, photos, and something about ACG on my blog. Please come and see them. Jul 28

Turtle Parade
Oh just a fun little blog about arbitrary and daily objects, events and stories. Nothing too important, just daily "stuff" encountered by this Midwestern girl. Jul 28

Harry Potter's Place
This is a place for me to ramble on and on and on and on... A place to put pictures that strike me as worthy of your perusal. Jul 28  

Some Useful Things for You
I am Hari a CUIET student and will try to help your problems in configuring internal modem in LINUX. Jul 28  

In the Footsteps of Giants
A personal blog. Jul 28

Kiera Jean's Family Blog
The daily life of a two year old little girl and her family. Jul 27

This blog is like a joural for me. I enjoy writing things and having people read them. Jul 27

My "L" collection
Enjoy your life starting with the letter "L". Blog of an ordinary Hong Kong schoolboy, showing you what a "L" life of him... Jul 27

A technology/design/mustang/ford orientated site. With what ever else I feel like putting on. Jul 26

Eric Has Issues
That which makes me... me. Jul 26

Hey Ankit!
My personal life and a demonstration of how sometimes a boring life can be interesting... Jul 26

My life, according to me
Well, I'm 16, and I have a very chaotic life. I hope to one day get somewhere with my writing, and I'm hoping that this will help. Read and enjoy. Jul 26

The Belly Up Dog Bar
The Belly Up Bar, a place where one can have fun, swap stories and talk about anything under one roof. The sign outside of the bar is that of the dog lying down belly up and laughing, a sign of its not-too-serious approach to things. Don't be mislead by the flippant import of this sign, the dog could still bark and bite. Have a seat, eat, drink and have fun. Jul 26  

Lizlosophy [Chinese]
A Hong Kong woman's blog. It talks about what she saw and felt everyday.!LnJyszidA0Ltn8OL.6R_ Jul 26  

Because I come from China, I blog in Chinese! Jul 23

Claudia's Place
A little about something and not much about nothing. Jul 23

Michelle's Blog
Digital scrapbooking & more. Also just a little of my personal rants & raves. Jul 23

Mission Impossible Guy
The past, present and future life of a retired Air Force officer. The people and circumstances that affects his life. Jul 23  

எண்ணங்கள் கிறுக்களாக.... [Tamil]
Here you can find general thoughts of mine in workshop, books I read, tamil music,etc., with your valuable comments. Jul 20

Music13's Blog
This blog will act as a companion to my website (see link below) and will hit on the same topics as well as others that I don't have time to put on my website. Hope this has some relevance, and is enjoyable to read. Jul 20

Canon in D - The Enternal Movement [Chinese]
HI! 我叫樂章, 我的BLOG有聊天室, 小說, KTV, 笑話, 有趣的相片等, 請各位朋友有空來坐坐。 Jul 20

Fun Resources, Fun images etc. Jul 19

Life and Ramblings
Life and ramblings of Michael Cole! The trials and tribulations of Michael Cole's daily life, explained honestly in a web journal, which is updated daily! Jul 19

Dorfin Daze
The world as seen through the eyes of a 6 lb. pomeranian. Jul 18

German Impression
Daily life in Germany seen through German eyes. Jul 18

A new blog that touches on serious topics, as well as fun topics. I try to keep it interesting for the average joe/jane. Jul 18

Don仔~ 的屋企=_= [Chinese]
請大家支持下我個BLOG! Jul 17

Carl Baydala Wants You To Know....
A blog about my life that explores my personality and the things that have influenced it. I also want a friend from the past to understand and appreciate who I am and why I do the things that I do. Jul 17

The Cool Store
Just a cool guy from New York City who is battling addictions and sharing his life since his friends are all around the world. Jul 17

Wass my Tolerance a Phase?
Just a ass-clown juggling between work, studies, making money online and other fugly stuffs! Jul 17

A-Long Fore Play
Philosophical views on sex, love etc.. etc. Jul 17  

Aeowolf Online
My irregualar ramblings, joys and irritations, links and comment on life real and virtual. Jul 17  

Million Dollars Project
With my blog I'm planning to earn 1 million dollars.I will report you for my account earnings.You can help me to realize that idea if you just visit my blog every day and tell other my blog. Jul 16

Once Upon a Time...
I'm just a girl who's a woman, who's a wife, who's a mother. I recently re-located from San Diego, California to South Carolina to pursue the dream of home ownership, a career in web development and a better life for my kid. Jul 16

~星星。月亮。太阳~ [Chinese]
Please visit. Jul 16

Life through the eyes of an aspiring journalist. Jul 16

Tech9iner'z Tao of Pooop
Welcome ;] What do I intend to share here?.. Why.. only the best poop, of course!! ;] Jul 16

Blogs of Hope
Blogs of Hope is a place where everyone is welcome to come express, as best they can, stories about that which gives them hope in this world. Jul 16

PVC and all that
Just your usual horny housewife blog with a fetish for latex and PVC! Jul 16

The Martin Jackson Hour
Hello, this is just a place for me to talk about things. Politics, pop culture, social issues and what ever elses comes to mind. Jul 16

Biased, subjective, one-sided viewpoints on anything that pisses me off, makes me laugh, or helps me feel good. Jul 16  

Cynicism in a Hot Dish - the daily blog of an 18-year-old Asian-Australian girl. Jul 16  

Pratibha Verma
Blog of Pratibha Verma. Jul 15

Conor J. Murphy
"A Work in Progress" chronicles the everyday events and musings of up-and-coming writer, Conor J. Murphy. Murphy’s writing has been described as both hilarious and moving. Come and read what all the fuss his mother is making is about. Jul 15

NewtonExpress [Chinese]
A teenager finding the future life! Wanna share my personal life and seek advice for my life. Be welcome to visit! Jul 15

Two Dykes and Their Cast of Thousands
This blog is about our life....two dykes, a mortgage, dogs, cats, turtles, lizards, a son, gardens, friends, jobs, and all of the things that go into our "alternative lifestyle". We are the dykes next door, the ones who live in your neighborhood, mow their yards, work, pay taxes, and try to destroy heterosexual marriage by having a great life together. Jul 14

Cafe Erotique
Fantasies born at Java Script, a coffehouse smackdab in the middle of a Bible Belt college town. Jul 11

Cranial Inversion 
Postings ranging from video games to politics. Emphasis on online marketing and SEO. Jul 11

An explosion wakes a heroine one morning to the fight of her life. Jul 11

TEG: 2
Personal blog with the thoughts of a twenty something year old wanna be geek. Jul 11  

Is It Obvious
Insane person has access to the world wide web. Watch out. Keep out! Never enter, Anger, Insanity, Gloom, Happiness too. Jul 11  

The Private Intellectual
The private intellectual: from the inside, looking out. Jul 10

A Baby Boomer's Common Sense Guide to the Universe et. al.
A Rapidly Aging Baby Boomer provides common sense guide to the universe et al. He praises and critiques his encounters with others. Written with charm and wit and grace. Stylistically perfect. A treat to everyone's eyes and intellect. Jul 10
Andrew Barnett Itsonlybarney life and news. Jul 10

Brandon Sheley Blog is a blog about Brandon Sheley. He will update it about once a week. Enjoy and thx for looking. Jul 9

Trinity, Texas Vampire
Diary of a unique vampire-Asian, Texan, and most of all, marked for death. Jul 9

Kwong Blog
This blog is about my life. Jul 9

Cheryl's Blog
A day in the life of me at my new job at an Internet company. Did I mention I know nothing about computers or html or anything??? Jul 8

A great place to read about pop culture, personal testimonies and all-out fun! Jul 8

E.Jim Shannon
Science fiction/fantasy/life of a wannabe SF/F Pro writer. Jul 8

PUN Xanga
@@ Jul 8  

Atomise.NET Journel
A zesty blend of humor and lies, this blog explores how a student manage to live in a stress world. Contain everything to make you laugh. Jul 7

Margarito Land
Margarito Land! Made deliciously fresh daily! Read my reviews, opinions, and anything that comes to my mind on any particular day. Drink responsibly and enjoy! Jul 6

Sandossu's Blog
Internet with its ups and downs by sandossu Jul 6

The Life of Justin Chelf
Follow entrepreneurial genius Justin Chelf day to day as he teaches the world how to make money. Jul 6

TWBPSK Kevin Ray's Corner Blog
A blog of political commentaries and news, important informations and anything good to talk by Kevin Ray Chua, President of the DVRMNHS Student Government. Jul 6  

Big Fat Black Man
This is my journey to lose weight, this time in my life its do or die Jul 6  

The good pastor thoughts. Jul 6

Endurer's Blog
My world, my life. Straight out of it. Jul 6

Bull3t's Blog
General and interesting things I find all over the place! Jul 6

Ken Savage Making it in Massachusetts
My name is Ken Savage. My website features articles and podcasting about Boston radio, Technology in New England, Music, TV, Movies, Family and Friends. I will be updating it with news posts, pictures of Jake and my wife Erin. Jun 30

Life on Planet Jim
A peek into the life of one of America's last remaining decent, unattached, red-blooded heterosexual males... Jun 30

American in Dusseldorf
I am an American that has moved from San Francisco to Duesseldorf, Germany. This is about my adjustment and my travels. Jun 28

Book of Tiano
My observations: real and imagined. Jun 28

The Realm of Rashenbo
A blog about writing, reading, and life in general. Jun 28

Mad Bloggers is my personal blog to discuss anything and everything from Blogging and online marketing to news, politics, and current events. Jun 28

Tanvi Garde
This blog will focus on just about anything.. anything about which I have sufficient knowledge.. mostly it focuses on Music, computers, and business related stuff. Jun 28

Earth Citizen
I'm Dr. Bruce Balmer-Cohen, Phd, Dipl. ABT. I attempting to reach out to the conservatives on this board in an effort to enjoin you in a dialogue of healing and understanding. It is my hope that I can teach some of you the ways of unconditional acceptance of EVERY view point. Remember, attempting to label "right" and "wrong" only leads to confontations. Please take my hand, and join me on my quest to teach understanding and absolute acceptance for a freer tomorrow. Jun 27

The Mother of Crap
Filled with crap from a fat asian guy, what do you expect? Jun 26

An NYC Vandal Among Treehuggers
As a homeless college student I rant about a variety of issues in my life. Jun 26

Me, Yeap. That's Me!
Adam, funny happy singapore blog blogger love life music time great honest reliable crapper. Jun 26
A blog about office working life and outside office working life in Vancouver Canada. Jun 26

Another Man's Meat
My world and my times viewed through the prism of the Kansas Flint Hills. Jun 26

எண்ணச் சிறகுகள் [Indian]
Tamil poetry Jun 26

Katie's Secret [Chinese]
我係一個天生愛貓狂,乜嘢貓都鍾意,尤其超級無敵勁鍾意 Hello Kitty。而我亦養咗好多隻貓。除咗養猫之外,我都好鍾意 shopping, shopping再shopping。 Jun 26

Life Time Gamer
Video games, Arcade games, old DOS games, online games, tech news, music, anything and almost everything. Jun 26

Word Play
I'm a teenage girl, stuck in a suburban world but constantly testing the limits of my fishbowl life. Feel free to view my rants, my views of the world, and my random (mis)adventures. Jun 26

Articles on various topics. Jun21

Jack's Lounge
Come hang out with me in the lounge! Music reviews, but mostly just me commenting on my life as an Australian Uni student! Jun20
Where is my cat?  Presents the humour and ramblings of two of the worlds least funny men.  In a mix of stupidity, rudeness and the bizarre you may just find some comedy.  We think so. Jun19

Six of Seven Sins
Six of Seven Sins is the mind trumpet of thoughts of a certain 28 year old man living in England.  The blog likes to use humour as a device to get through life.

Who's Yo Mama?
Peek into Paradise and discover what real world Maui is really like!

One Million Subsrcibers
On the Road to 1 Million Subscribers.

Q's Wire
Demonstrates the WordPress "Blogger Calendar". Software conultant's personal blog.

Life on This Rock
Okay, so maybe I do have a few mockings and arguments...

GOZ News
This is the coolest vidcast in Malaysia. Videos and other useless crap. Enjoy!
News and information on the Forex markets, fishing, self help, Halo 2 and more. Jun19

Inside Zebster
Musings of an unemployed sports nut who often delves in politics and philosophy and family. Jun15 

Great Hands for You
If you are in need of a wonderful and soothing very relaxing massage I provide that type of service. I address areas of: Facial Tension,Chronic Back Pain, Sciatica, Sports Injuries, headaches, leg pain, Neck & Shoulder Pain and many more issues. I have been doing this type of work for more than 15 years. I know the human body well. Jun15 Rate This Blog 

Life of Being a Property Manager [Chinese]
My first blog, please pay a visit. Jun15 Rate This Blog 

Dreaming Like a Fat Kid
It consists of commentaries on current events and autobiographical ramblings of a retired journalist, World War II veteran, and first-generation American. Jun13 Rate This Blog

Welcome to e-Taz. Here you will find the sexiest stories and tips about a variety of topics, play the coolest games on the Internet, and watch the hottest videos. Your feedback is valuable to me, so feel free to contact me via email or instant messenger. Jun10

It consists of commentaries on current events and autobiographical ramblings of a retired journalist, World War II veteran, and first-generation American. Jun10 Rate This Blog

Two Pretzels
Imagine a tossed salad of subject matter, all from the discerning perspective of a mid-twenties-ish, fun, witty female. Taking on the topics that don't matter fact, might not matter at all. But, she's quick. mildly entertaining, and worth the time it takes to click on her URL.
Jun10 Rate This Blog

Garden of Jasmin
This is my personal blog that focuses on my erratic thoughts, randomness and mommyhood. Check it out! =)
Jun10 Rate This Blog

From Beneath the Piles of Laundry
Parenting, cleft palate, marriage, funny.
Jun10 Rate This Blog

Seeking the Blue Print
This is a personal/experiential blog. I run workshops which help people find their "true role" and this blog is my blog about my search to re-member who I am. Besides that it is fun!
Jun9 Rate This Blog

Keith Chan's Blog
A blog that is open to people worldwide to know more about me. I live in Hong Kong and is a Google Fanatic. I hope to meet more Google Fans! Please pay a visit!
Rate This Blog

Kam's Xanga
Entirely orange blog of a Hong Kong local mandarin orange. Please pay a visit so you can get a mouth! XD Rate This Blog

Wan's Comic Blog
You could download cute cartoons as your MSN displayed images in this blog. Also, it is a comics blog, i.e. I use comics to represent my life. Rate This Blog

Maven Mapper's Information
Gather Information and Evolve your brain with the latest trends in Knowledge Management, Software and Electronics Gadgets.  Jun 8
Rate This Blog

There's Something about Harry
A true chronicle almost a diary, oldest posts are sometimes more recent and sometimes not. I fill in the poignant point of my life where there is informatoin . . .
Jun 8 Rate This Blog

Sonja & Jean
Is a personal blog about getting 40 years old and discovering a whole new life. Meeting 6 years ago the man of my dreams on another continent ( Canada) - I'm from Europe, our voyages, our secret meetings, our marriage, me immigrating to canada, building the house of our dreams........our life of love and harmony today.
Jun 8 Rate This Blog

My Teenage Son's Excuse of the Day
A fun look at all the excuses my 16 year old son comes up with for not doing chores.
Jun 11 Rate This Blog