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Plumpiemousie is a tiny village where people create, talk, entertain, read, travel, write and dream their life. Aug 21

d3velop... explore... comment
San Francisco events, internet deals, architecure, art, books, fashion, film & movie news, museums, music, photography, restaurants, technology, and my personal rants & opinions. Aug 22

Dance Energy
Music as a physical form enveloping dancers Aug 21

Art at Random
Current works of art from my studio. Aug 21

I see dots
Acrylic dot paintings that flicker, dance, move, pulsate and so on . . . Aug 15

Nabeel's Cosmos
Cool links and findings, art, design, science, video blogging, photography and creative. Aug 10

Crafts Kita
Arts, crafts 'n' Design. Interesting! Ideas, beliefs, perspectives, hopes and such are transcended through them. The colourful n dynamic elements seem have no boundaries. Do leave a comment before you leave. Like to hear it from your perspectives, too. So, enjoy. Aug 9

Trasnformer - Video
This little blog is all about Transformers Videos - Google Video offers a wealth of material, including adverts that jump on the robot vibe, amateur computer animations and cartoon and film clips of dubious legality: this blog will bring you them all regardless of personal risk! Aug 8

Videonet-Art Video Arte
Reflexión y exploración conceptual a través del Video Art. "La condición Humana" Aug 6

New on Fine Art Collector
Discover new artists, fine art fairs and festivals, and plan weekend get aways by subscribing to this blog. Aug 5

Porch Time
A journal of the not so conventional life of an artist, a writer, four dogs, two cats and ten chickens trying to reap the best we can from this wonderful life. Aug 5

Earth Invaders
Art news, pop-art, movies, photos, technology, gadgets. Aug 4

Kids' Crafts
The spot to go for kids' crafts... lots of games, arts and crafts projects, craft activities, and cooking for kids. Find ideas for parents, caregivers, and teachers to engage your children in creative play and creative thinking. Jul 30

Easy Paper Airplanes
Find out about paper airplanes, how to make them, interesting flying tips, and the fun you can have with them! Bring a smile to your child's face when you magically transform a single piece of paper into a Mean, Lean, Flying Machine... Jul 30  

Angst on a Shoestring
Can go off into tangents in a blink of an eye. An unabashed Anglophile, coffee addict, collector of all kinds of crap. I have been MS's (Multiple Sclerosis) bitch since 2000. So I tend to walk like a drunken pirate. I would like to meet people, who like me, are slaves to their art or at least acting like one. I'm mostly an illustrative designer, doing print work, exhibits etc. Bitching about clients, hoarding fonts and talking about the old days of exacto blades and wax is part of my milieu. I also like to use words like "milieu". Jul 28

Wild Heart Designs Blog
Contemporary, collectable fine art archival prints and designs. Decorator and gallery editions. Jul 27

Artists Blog
All the information related to Artists. Jul 26

Commentary on the arts, random rants, ridiculous photographs, running, personal dreams, news comments, gossip, rags. Jul 26

Origami Photos
Here, I'll be posting some origami designs which I've made. Designs are created from various sources. Folding instructions are available for some models. Jul 26

Escape to New York
Another artist couple finds themselves unwilling to cope outside the art mecca of new york city. follow them on their journey to make their dreams come true - or at least have an adventure trying to... Jul 18

Avery DeBow
Writing is a tricky business. Finding someone who wants to publish the end product is even worse. I'm a dark fantasy writer trying to do just that. Everything I experience along the way will be laid out for all to see. It should be fun. Jul 15

Paintings By Jude Maceren
I paint what I believe, "there is a relationship of love in all created things". I paint the love hidden in creation. Come and see! Jul 10

It's Abstract
This blog is for promoting Abstract Art. I paint to express my feelings and thoughts. The paintings displayed here are for sale. Jul 9  

Venu [Indian]
Illusions, illusions. Jul 9  

Der Deli [German]
Hello blog friends, my name is Deli and I'd like to show you my blog. It is in German language but it also contains a lot of interesting photos. I blog about my favorite things: Streetart, Hip Hop Culture, Reggae Music, The Web, Party Tips, Berlin, Potsdam and Travelling. You can see a lot of my artworks (old and new stuff), nice photos and computer graphics, too. If you are interested in these things - come in and have a look! You can leave comments or communicate with me via the tagbox. And if you want to support this blog - feel free to link it. So long for now, maybe we meet us in the blog.
Jun 30 

Graphics Article & Tutorials
Huzeyk blog is a Malaysian based design studio providing full creative services: Graphic Design, Vector Illustration,Comic Colouring and Logo Design.
Jun 30 

An awesome blog that discusses art, literature and music. An artist is discussed every week! Jun23

Diary of a Heretic
A writer's blog of random daily takes on her unshakeable perspectives. Jun19

Skanky Jane's Ruses of Pleasure
Welcome to Skanksville: take a load off, you’re invited, spread out big,  eat the pavements, and play……
Describe in wandering lines: everyday life!
Seize opportunities: on the wing!
Make errant trajectories: while laughing!
Celebrate ruses of pleasure! Jun13

Captain's Bridge
Spiritual healing of the fine arts starts at the moment we recognize ourselves in other. I had serious head trauma in 1974 but I have arranged already more than 50 exhibitions of my paintings. Though I didn’t store any financial savings but I got a lot of flowers. Such memory doesn’t vanish but continuously grow and so I have started this blog. What the reality is about? Jun10

The Portrait of Silence
What are art colors talking about? Spiritual healing.
Jun 10  



Off center cartoons and writing from a compulsive typer. Jul 18

Clangnuts Cartoons
Updated daily with celebrity cartoons, and cartoon gags. Jul 10

4 Color Commentary
The blog of Suspended Animation reviewers Mark Allen and Michael Vance, and the official site of the Oklahoma Cartoonists Collection.
Jun 26 



Double knitting and stuff
I enjoy creating new patterns and trying all kinds of crafts. Knitting, crocheting, wood carving, macrame, working with cement, painting etc. I enjoy creating something original. I also enjoy seeing what other people are doing and hope to meet some like minded people. Jul 16