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What is Blog Announce?

Blog Announce is a  site where you can amplify your blogs. We mainly aim at blogs that are newly setup or blogs that would want more traffic. Our mission is to create a site for Bloggers to tell the whole world about their blog and let others to discover new blogs.


Blog Linkage: Blog Announce provides a direct link to every blog we announce. By doing so, your site's PageRank will increase significantly. Generally, the more links to your site, the higher is your PageRank resulting in a  higher position appearing in Search Engines like Google. See an example below:

Blog Rating: Blog Announce allow other users to rate the blogs announced here. You can vote a blog with the highest of five stars. By clicking the "Rate This Blog" link, you will be directed to an individual message concerning the blog you want to rate in our Google Groups. Though we know this is a bit inconvenient, please understand that your every single vote could help us identify the popularity of certain blogs.
Note: This feature is currently available to Personal Blogs only. We plan to expand it to all blogs in the future.

Blogging Tips: We know users come to Blog Announce in hopes to drive more traffic to their blogs but Blog Announce is only a tool. What makes visitors come back and back to your blog is the content of your blog. So we think some blogging tips might be useful to some. Visit our tips pages for more.

New! Blogging Tools: We hope to make Blog Announce not just a site for users to get their blogs listed, but also a site where Bloggers can find useful information to improve their blogs.  You can find many useful blogging tools that can help you understand more about your visitors, get your blog listed in more directories, etc in our tools page.

Form Submission: Blog Announce provides a form for users to submit their blog to us. We try to keep things simple easy and to give you the best user's experience.

Search: Finding a blog that is being announce in Blog Announce is simple and easy. With Google's Site Search function, you are now being able to search for blogs that have been once announced here, regardless of the date annoucned, category, and so on. This also helps you to discover wonderful blogs that you have never seen. Try it now with our search box located at the bottom of each page.

More and more features will be rolled out, so please check back soon!

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Frequently Asked Questions

I now want my blog included. What should I do? 
Simple. To include your blog in our site, what you have to do is just sending us your blog URL together with a precise description by using our submission form. The word limit is 150 words. We might cut off parts of your description if it exceeds our limit. You will hear from us after your blog is included.

How long does it take for my blog to be included?
7 days. Our commitment is to include every blog that bears a precise description in 7 days. Please re-submit your blog to us if you haven't heard from us after 7 days.

You might want to visit our FAQ section for more commonly asked questions. 


Special Thanks

Our team would like to express our sincere gratitude to Ronald Mak's PHP written tool which generates the HTML code for our submissions. The tool greatly speed up our inclusion process and made our service more efficient. Without his generous development, we couldn't have be growing so large within such a short time. We are looking forward to his active participation in the future.


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