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Iceland Travel Journal
If you are planning to visit Iceland and would like to read more about the popular tourist attractions, this blog would be a great place to start. You could get comprehensive real-life experience from a student who traveld to Iceland. July 18

Shane's Blog
Shane is a 36 year old American man who is a single father with two kids, ages 9 and 12. This page describes points in my life I feel like sharing. You can leave comments on a specific blog by clicking the corresponding story link on the left. I am quite often brutally honest here. I do not hide who I am. If I was not, it would not be worth your time to read. Enjoy. Aug 31 

A proof the aliens really do exists. This is a personal online diary of the one and only gUrLaLiEn. Get to know more about an alien personal life living on earth and how she copes up with the everyday problem she has. Learn what is like being an alien. Aug 30

Meta Kate
Things that make me laugh or things that make me angry. And stuff... Aug 30

Crazy Quilt
A riot of color. And shdes of grey. My reflections on a Saturday afternoon.. Aug 29

Cbreaux Speaks
Maybe it could be considered "leaving tracks for my progeny." As an elder who's lived a rich and fulfilling life, it is rewarding to be able to mark the high and low places through blogging, and -- when it feels right -- share the lessons learned. By visiting the past in this way, I seem to place myself well in the present with less fear of the future. It's odd to still feel contemporary, but I do. Aug 29

Stories, reviews, drawings, photographs and otherwise expressed ideas in an always evolving blog. Aug 24

All My Wisdom. Aug 27

Self Eseteem and Emotional Freedom
My personal experiences with Self-Esteem issues, using EFT and more.. Aug 27

Fast weight loss
Fast weight loss, weight loss stories, fast weight loss tips, lose weight fast, weight loss guide, weight loss fun and many more. Aug 29

A journey into the mind of the Question-Man. An expression of what we see, but tend to ignore. Come inside, and take a moment to read what I Gotta Know...I can't wait to read YOUR thoughts. Aug 31

Islam from inside
Islam and islamic issues from an esoteric, internal perspective. Aug 31

Half Guard Pass
A blog offering news, opinions and analysis of the current and future state of MMA and Submission grappling. Aug 30

On My Mind
My thoughts and opinions on events of the day. Mostly political, but some daily happenings on the home front. Aug 30

Free World Forever
Terror is becoming widespread throughout the world. Islamic totalitarianism is threatening freedom worldwide. We must stop terror and terror attacks. News, anti-terror resources, things we can do to help. Discussions welcome. Aug 30

Save A World
One place for all your Israel Support, News, Organizations, Discussions. Shalom, welcome to our discussion board. Let's talk about ... beautiful Israel, News, Support, music, Jerusalem, Tsfat, etc... Aug 30

Explore Iloilo
Explore the Heart of the Philippines Aug 27

Blog @
Public issues opinion and analysis for citizen lobby Blog introduces issues to initiate discussion and development of consensus for lobbying citizen concerns to government and corporate interests. Aug 24

Free articles, tips and tricks for techno stuff
My website has many kinds of cool stuff, mostly about computer, including free online services, such as making free phone calls, getting free phone number, and even see the front of your house online. Aug 30

Blog Avenues
This is a Grand Blog Terminal for Blogging, blog tools, blog promotion, get paid to blog, new blog technologies, free blogs, blog templates, blog hosting, blog directories and blog pinging services. Aug 28

Game Planets - Your Best Game News Source!
You're looking for new games, game news, reviews, screenshots, trailers, release dates? Game Planets gives you all information about game world Aug 25

Freakitude Tech. Blog
A website dedicated to computers, technology, gadgets, latest software. Also latest tips n ticks, tutorials and guides... Aug 25

Blog Button Resource
Blog dedicated to providing bloggers with blog buttons Aug 25

Do you know?
News and events,science and technology,reference from across the globe. Aug 25

Cemeteries and Cemetery Symbols
Exploring the meaning of cemetery symbols and other graveyard oddities. For genealogy sleuths, taphophiles and goth kids. Aug 24


Hot Picks
Here,you will find a lot of technology tips and tricks. Most of them is computer related-stuff. There's also a section for gadget review. Now, enhance your knowledge by surfing this blog. Aug 21

We at Donkephant give the average citizen a chance to make an informed decision based on a simple breakdown of political rhetoric, without having to sift through political spin. And we are funny too. Jul 6

Joys & Sorrows
A blog dedicated to football funnies and Birmingham City FC. Updated regularly, 1,500 uniques per day. Jun 23

Frugal Does a Body Good
This blog glorifies all things, links, & resources that are involved with a frugal lifestyle. Check it out!
Jun 10 

Captain's Bridge
Spiritual healing of the fine arts starts at the moment we recognize ourselves in other. I had serious head trauma in 1974 but I have arranged already more than 50 exhibitions of my paintings. Though I didn’t store any financial savings but I got a lot of flowers. Such memory doesn’t vanish but continuously grow and so I have started this blog. What the reality is about? Jun10

Diet for Diabetics
About diet for diabetics. Widely visited by Americans. Gives details about diet to fight diabetics.
Jun 10

About Hindi Movies,Widely visited by Americans and Indians. Gives details about Hindi film actors and gossip news.
Jun 10

Faith of the Fathers
Main blog of a group of multiblogs about and dedicated to the Roman Catholic faith. With blogs on Approved Apparitions, Saints of the Faith, Spiritual Wrafare and more! Jun 11

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