Bloemfontein Hindu Association

The Bloemfontein Hindu Association (BHA) was established on the 23rd August 2009 due to a need for the promotion and protection of the Hindu religion within the community.


The Bloemfontein Hindu Association (BHA) is committed to promote unity and co-operation amongst all Hindus in Bloemfontein and the Free State Province and to engage in religious and social programs and create an environment beneficial to the community.

The first lesson of the Children's Sunday School was also initiated on this day. It was indeed very exciting and a new experience for the children and their parents.



The folowing comittees were established:

 Objectives and Functions

  • To promote the Hindu religion , culture and philosophy
  • To host religious activities, lectures, films, cultural and similar events
  • Undertake social and community service, especially for the disadvantaged
  • Provide a forum for networking and cooperation amongst persons of Indian origin and other interested parties and persons
  • To create opportunities which would encourage the involvement of the younger generation in the activities of the association and also foster greater learning and understanding of Hinduism in all its facets
  • To fulfil the principle of "Service to mankind is service to God"

Swami Vimokshananda's
Vist to Bloemfontein

Hindu Studies

 Diwali in Bloemfontein

Crystal Healing Crusade