Tips & Tricks

Getting around the Blocks Editor:

Moving Blocks:

As I write longer programs the number of screens that I have to scroll through to go from the Left edge to the Right edge of the editor becomes a pain if your trying to move a piece of code to a new spot. So the Tip is to grab the blocks and take them up to the Upper Right Overview box and drop it where you what it in the overview box.  Here we've move a block from the the left off to the far right had side, The screen shot was taken right as I dropped it and just before it started moving to the new spot

Quicker way to Inserting (finding) Blocks

As the number of variables, procedures and other things keep growing it get harder to find the one your looking for in the menus. The Trick, just click near where you what the item to go and start typing the first few letters, scroll the list and Double-Click on the item you want and it will try to find a place nearby where it will fit.


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