Playing With Colors

You can make any color that your phone can display in App Inventor.

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Here we have a little program that lets you create a color, name it and then save it to a database so you can recall it later.
(for background I assume you've read

Things Used in this program

Screen1.Initialize: see if we already have a database and if not then set up a basic one.

List: We use two lists, One is the primary, lColorNames which is the list of the Names we give to each color. This is also the Index for our database, you could think of it as Column 1 in a table.  The other list is lColorNumbers which contents the Numbers that AI uses to make colors and it is indexed to lColorNames

 lColorName     lColorNumber  Positon in List
 Blue  -1676961  1
 Red  -5887446  2
 Orange  -23296  3
 Red  -65536  4
('Positon In List' is not in any list in the program)

ListPicker: We use two ListPickers, one to choose a color for the background and the other to delete a color from the database.

Screen Layout: We use a home made spin box to enter the ORGB (Opacity & RGB) numbers Screen . and use Labels to center them.

Clock: We use the clock to keep our ORGB Screen Centered and to Rotate through the background colors.

Notifier: To enter the color name

TinyDB: to store the values between use.

The Source Code:

Starting the program:
iScreenWidth= The width that we need to make each of our spacer labels to center our ORGB screen.
dbTagColorNames & dbTagColorNumbers are DataBaseTags so that we don't mistype and call the wrong thing.

Change the Back Ground Color
Save a Color, Notifier action (I try to keep things short here, in a final program please check the response before doing anything with it)
Controls for the ORGB Screen

Convert an ORGB numbers into a App Inventor Number
ListPicker's for changing the Background and Deleting a record.

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