Learning and having Fun with 'Google App Inventor*' for Android

This is where I put pieces of code that I'm working on and where I keep my projects that come up from questions on Google* groups App Inventor for Android

This Site has Moved to http://www.Blocks123.net and will no longer be updated here.

  I just want an easy way to make my phone (EVO 4G) do what I want it to do.

Please remember that these are just Snippets of Code, To show you how you might want to do something or that something is possible. Most of these don't have a lot of safety checks build in and are only meant to be run once without resetting.  The normal screen is just one Button and one or two Labels to show you the input and output of the Block.  I run every Snippet and sometimes leave my troubleshooting blocks and var's in the snippet so you can play with it. 

*GOOGLE and Google App Inventor is a trademark of Google Inc.   All screenshots of 'Google App Inventor' are used in accordance with Google Inc Permission guidelines.

This is a learning site, Feel free to use any of my code in your projects.