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Block List is here to provide blocklist links for all security needs.

Generally one uses the lists with PeerGuardian 2 or ProtoWall.


*Launching a FAQ page to explain block lists*

Only use .zip lists if .gz lists will not work for you.

The .gz lists are more bandwidth efficient than .zip lists.

- Block lists links from Phoenix Labs
- Block lists links from B.I.S.S.

PG2 & ProtoWall Lists

(Ads list)

(Bogon list)

(DShield list)

(Edu list)

(Hijacked list)

(Level1 list)

(Level2 list)

(Level3 list)

(Microsoft list)

(Range Test list)

(Spider list)

(Spyware list)

(Temp list)

(Trojan list)

(IANA Multicast list)

(IANA Private list)

Host File lists links from B.I.S.S

Host File Lists

(Host list)

SafePeer lists links from B.I.S.S

SafePeer Lists

(Paranoid list)

(Normal list)

ED2k IPfilter lists links from B.I.S.S

ED2k IPfilter

(Paranoid list)

(Normal list)

Gnutella Templist

(Gnutella Templist)

- Backup block lists

All Lists Updated: February 01, 2008

PG2 & ProtoWall Lists

(Bluetack Level1 list)

(Bluetack Level2 list)

(Bluetack Level3 list)

(Bluetack Microsoft list)

(Bluetack Edu list)

(Bluetack Bogon list)

(Bluetack DShield list)

(Bluetack Hijacked list)

(Bluetack Range Test list)

(Bluetack Ads & Trackers list)

(Bluetack Spyware list)

(Bluetack Spider list)

(Bluetack Temp list)

(Bluetack Trojan list)

(Bluetack IANA Multicast list)

(Bluetack IANA Private list)

(Bluetack IANA Reserved list)

Host File Lists

(Bluetack Host list)

SafePeer Lists

(Bluetack paranid list)

(Bluetack normal list)

ED2k IPfilter

(Bluetack Paranoid list)

(Bluetack Normal list)

Gnutella Templist

(Gnutella Templist)