Blockline And Associate Ltd

Crude Oil Drilling
We, Blockline and Associate Ltd are sellers of light crude oil and other petroleum products. We also sell and lease out marine equipments, construction machinery and other equipments.

We sell Crude Oil, D2, AGO and other Petroleum product such as:

Nigeria Bonny Light Crude Oil (BLCO, FLCO and ALCO, etc): We sell mostly on FOB, CIF, TTO and TTT/STS Basis.

Automotive Gas Oil (AGO) and D2: We sell mostly on CIF and TTT/STS.

Bitumen: We sell on CIF and FOB Basis

Marine Equipments/Machines:

Marine Dredge
We sell and lease all kinds of marine equipments/machines.

Well sell and lease all kinds of vessel e.g, oil tanker, cargo vessel, crew vessel etc.

We sell and lease tug-boats of all kinds.

We sell and lease barges and sea going barges.

We sell and lease dredgers, swamp-buggy, cranes of all kinds, tug-boats of all kinds bulldozers, etc.

Crushing machine of all kinds and screening plant: We sell on CIF and FOB Basis.

Steel and Metal:

We sell steel pipes and tubes of all kinds
We sell metals of all kinds.


We are also into real estate, transportation, communications and more.

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