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Blocked Artery Symptoms

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  • Symptoms is a 1974 British horror film directed by José Ramón Larraz. It was entered into the 1974 Cannes Film Festival. Although circulated privately through bootlegs, the original prints are missing, and was last show on British television in 1983.
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blocked artery symptoms
blocked artery symptoms - Into the
Into the Garden: An Artery Collection (Rmx)
Into the Garden: An Artery Collection (Rmx)
Artery Are One of the Great Lost Bands of the Post-punk Era. They were Widely Acknowledged to Be Sheffield's Answer to Joy Division. Regularly Championed by the Likes of Jarvis Cocker of Pulp as the Steel City's Finest Export, Until Now Artery have Been Denied the Career Appraisal They So Richly Deserve. This Collection is Headed by the Much Admired, Hugely Atmospheric 'into the Garden', Voted Fourth Best Record of 1981 by Listeners to John Peel's Show. It also Draws on Highlights from their Cult 1983 LP "One Afternoon in a Hot Air Balloon" and the Mini-album "Oceans". The Recordings Feature Later Mission Guitarist Simon Hinkler as Well as the Unique Presence of Singer Mark Gouldthorpe, One of the Most Incisive Lyricists and Volatile Frontmen of the Era. The Package is Completed with Exclusive Remixes and Never Before Officially Released Tracks, as Well as Full Sleeve Notes and Track Annotation.

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Blocked Artery
Blocked Artery
Just before Christmas I was in work, preparing for a charity concert actually, and I suddenly got these shooting pains down my arm . I also felt as if somebody was standing on my chest. I was in a spot of bother to say the least. I told the school I was going to hospital. A long and bumpy ride later we got to the hospital. The taxi driver had no change so he got a hefty tip. Usually you have your blood pressure tested before seeing the doctor. duty nurse does it, I guess. She saw my blood pressure was sky high and sent me straight to the doctor. Having told him my symptoms, the doctor said I had to go to emergency immediately. Soon I had wires coming out of all parts of my body. Strangely, I didn't actually feel THAT worried, the main thing I wanted was to go to the loo. but they wouldn't let me. I had to rest. After about an hour and having been seen by 3 doctors, they told me the bad news. We think you've had a heart attack. I began to be worried. But then, there wasn't a lot I could do. They told me my medical insurance would probably allow me to be taken to singapore for the much needed operation but it would be better, for expedience sake, to go to the local CARDIOVASCULAR CLINIC. Two hours later the insurance company rang to say they would agree to pay for my treatment in the specialist clinic. So I was on my way in an ambulance, escorted by a doctor and with sirens roaring , but not before the accounts department from the hospital had swiped my credit card for the interim treatment. No time to waste when I got there. Straight into surgery. If you have had a friend or relative in my position , at that time, you will know that they make an incision through your femoral artery and have a look at what's up. IF YOU LOOK CLOSELY AT THE PIC, you can see one artery darker than the others, that's the blocked one . So they inflate a balloon in the artery and then put a kind of scaffolding in, a stent, to keep it staying up. I was in icu for a day, horrble, no sleep at all. And then 1 day in a private room - which was palatial - and then home. the first 3 days were spent sleeping. Didn't eat a thing, just drank tea. 4th day started to feel better. I'm not too bad now. Back at work - one month away from the job. Lost a lot of weight and told only two beers a week, not that I drink that much. It's going to be a slow process but I'll get there in the end. Not ready to go to that GOODISON PARK in the sky just yet. If you are wondering how I got the picture of the blocked artery, the hospital gives you a dvd of your operation, as a kind of reminder.
"Stroke is a medical emergency that happens when a blood clot blocks an artery, or a blood vessel ruptures, interrupting blood flow to an area of the brain. Brain cells begin to die and the resulting damage can lead to paralysis on one side or loss of ability to speak.This animation discusses the types of stroke, risk factors, symptoms, diagnosis, medications, surgery and endovascular treatment. Recovery, rehabilitation and self-care are also explained. This is an interactive multimedia presentation with 3D & 2D animations, still images, illustrations with corresponding text and audio. This CD-ROM is packed for MS-WINDOWS operating system; Best viewed in resolution 800 X 600."

blocked artery symptoms
blocked artery symptoms
2011 release from the Sheffield Post-Punk legends, their first album since 1984's The Second Coming. In the back drop of a recession, rioting and the World seemingly turning itself inside out, Artery thrust themselves back into the fray with an album littered with modern dystopian commentary and it's reflected no more in the lead track 'Civilization', with its Industrial post punk crash of bass and drums and searing guitar lines. Originally formed in the industrial wastelands of Sheffield in 1978. The band released three studio albums and several singles/EPs. Championed by John Peel, they recorded two sessions for the show and featured in the 1982 'Festive 50' at #9 with the classic 'Into The Garden'.