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Belle’s Lasting Impression Salon & Spa
199 S. Stewart Street, Sonora, California
For Appointments Call: (209) 532-7543
”Beauty From The Sea” Repechage Facial Treatments
        Take time to have a relaxing, rejuvenating experience. We use products that bring “Beauty from the Sea” by Repechage (meaning to rescue; second chance). All products are based on the wonders of 20 varieties of seaweed off of the coasts of Brittany, France, and the best botanicals the earth has to offer. Let us take you away to an oasis by the sea. 
European Facial / $60.00
This classic European facial is for women and men alike. Bring your skin back to balance as the hot towel therapy and massage relax and rejuvenate you. Try this as the ultimate back facial!
Signature Repechage 4-Layer Facial / $75.00
A premier anti-aging treatment facial to dramatically rejuvenate, tone and firm aging skin. Two massages will soothe you followed by a cool energy seaweed mask then a mineral thermal mask.
Hydra-Medic Acne Treatment / $75.00
This dermatologist tested treatment leaves breakouts behind you as it cleanses and purifies your skin with soothing and healing properties to give your skin a second chance to look your best with proven results. Works great as a facial or a back treatment!
Try one of our all over body treatments. There is something for everyone! Upgrade any of these treatments to include a facial for the ultimate in rejuvenation and relaxation.
Repechage Peppermint Sea Twist Body Wrap / $80.00
Enjoy America’s Best Award Winning Treatment. This peppermint seaweed detox and cellulite body wrap detoxify, combat cellulite and water retention to a slimmer more-toned body.
30 Minute Full Body Sugar or Salt Scrub / $30.00
Remove those dull, dry, dead skin cells and leave your skin energized, refreshed and GLOWING!
½ Hour Massage / $30.00
1 Hour Massage / $60.00
1.5 Hour Massage / $95.00
           Lip / $11.00                                     Eyebrows / $12.00+             Chin / $11.00