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HEY WELCOME TO THE NEWS PAGE!!!                                                                                                          This will have news related to us or sometimes not related to us.


Earlier on the news page, I put a link to a website that conserves energy. To save even more energy, please visit this website:


Hey guys! I know some pretty cool, useful sites! I decided to put all of them on a single page! Check it out!


I just found this new game! IT IS PRETTY COOL! If you don't have guitar hero or are too lazy to move from your computer to your game console, just play FLASH HERO!! Click that link and click "PLAY THIS GAME!" You pick up your keyboard like a guitar hero controller and then use numbers 1-6 as the fret buttons. Backspace is strum. If you need more instructions, just read them from the page.

ALSO CHECK OUT MY YOUTUBE VIDEOS! AND PLEASE CHECK OUT THIS SITE: Thinkatur! Get a user and go into a workspace. It is kind of like a chat room but better!

                                                                  FROM GRAHAM (The only person who UPDATES this page!!!!!!)

(FROM CARTER: Are you suggesting that I should update this page?)


Check out the new Blind Prophet Mail Page! You can get a free email address! CHECK IT OUT!!!!! 

                                                From Graham 


Hey! If you use Google, to save your eyes and save energy, I'd recommend using Blacklys uses a black background screen which is easier for you to look at (studies show that black screens on computers don't hurt your eyes as much as white screens), it also saves energy because computers take more energy to show a white screen than a black one and it has a black background. ~EDIT~ I recently found out that this website only save energy if you have non-lcd computer monitor (Fat Screen). Although it is easier on your eyes, it doesn't save energy unless your computer screen isn't a flat-panel. ~end EDIT~ It is customizable so it doesn't always just say: GOOGLE. You could make it say your name, your family's name or anything! I'd recommend trying it and setting it as your homepage!

                                                                                                     From Graham