Rug Cleaning Machine - Toilet Cleaning Chemicals.

Rug Cleaning Machine

rug cleaning machine
  • the act of making something clean; "he gave his shoes a good cleaning"
  • make clean by removing dirt, filth, or unwanted substances from; "Clean the stove!"; "The dentist cleaned my teeth"
  • Remove the innards of (fish or poultry) prior to cooking
  • (clean) free from dirt or impurities; or having clean habits; "children with clean shining faces"; "clean white shirts"; "clean dishes"; "a spotlessly clean house"; "cats are clean animals"
  • Make (something or someone) free of dirt, marks, or mess, esp. by washing, wiping, or brushing
  • any mechanical or electrical device that transmits or modifies energy to perform or assist in the performance of human tasks
  • (esp. in manufacturing) Make or operate on with a machine
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  • A floor covering of shaggy or woven material, typically not extending over the entire floor
  • A small carpet woven in a pattern of colors, typically by hand in a traditional style
  • A thick woolen coverlet or wrap, used esp. when traveling
  • A rug (UK), blanket(Equine and other livestock, US), or coat (canine and other companion animals, US) is a covering or garment made by humans to protect their pets from the elements, as in a horse rug or dog coat.
  • floor covering consisting of a piece of thick heavy fabric (usually with nap or pile)
  • Rhug (normally Y Rug in Welsh; sometimes given the antiquarian spelling Rug) is a township in the parish of Corwen, Denbighshire, Wales, formerly in the old cantref of Edeirnion and later a part of Merionethshire, two miles from CorwenRug Chapel and ten miles north east of Bala.

American Laundry Machine
American Laundry Machine
Arthur T. HAGEN (1852-1917) Started the American Laundry Machine Company. 110 Buffalo Road was built in 1930, though it looks much older. It was a new location for ALMC, which previously has space at Lincoln Park (1920's) and at 56 Dewey Ave. (around 1910). In the 1909 City Directory, the company is listed as "The American Laundry Machinery MFG Co., Successor to A.T. Hagen Co. Manufacturers of Laundry Machinery." By 1931 they were listed as Manf. of "Laundry and Dry Cleaning Machinery." In the 30's Rug Cleaning Mach. was added, and by 1950 "Manf. of "Laundry, Dry Cleaning and Rug Cleaning Machinery Iron Founders Manufacturers of Meehanite Metal.' (a type of cast iron) By 1958 they were also listed as manuf. "Centrifugal Machinery." By 1960 ALMC no longer appears in the directory, as the company was bought out by the McGraw-Edison Co. perhaps this is when the place was shut down?? The company had many machines installed in WWII naval ships, which may be part of the reason for the military apparatus lying around. Perhas the stuff came in later years with another business, but I doubt it. The main property at 110 Buffalo Road was purchased in March of 2005 for a pathetic $1. (the property was assessed for $450K!!) by Potomac Properties, LLC, which according to the NYS Dpt. of State was organized in January. Other buildings originally part of the plant built in 1930 have been divided up to other owners and have separate addresses: 105 Craig St, 1 Sherer and 3 Sherer.
Vacuum Cleaner Review - Charles Cann, Marion MA - Handy Andy's Quality Vac™ Vacuum Cleaner
Vacuum Cleaner Review - Charles Cann, Marion MA - Handy Andy's Quality Vac™ Vacuum Cleaner
"It's absolutely wonderful, best vacuum we've ever owned" "All around a good machine - you can use the hose - I like the way it works on rugs - you can use it for everything" "Wood floors, great - cleans them very well" "The service at Handy Andy's is the best - some of the best service of any business I've ever been in contact with" Charles Cann of Marion MA does a review about his Handy Andy's Quality Vac™ Vacuum Cleaner, from Handy Andy's Quality Vacuum Cleaners, 1693 Acushnet Ave, New Bedford MA 02746 (508) 997-8011

rug cleaning machine
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