Louise (Lou) & Stanley Murray

The Stanley Murray Family Circa 1937
Back Row:  Grace, Stanley, Lou, Arlene
Front Row:  George, Peggy Lou, Leslie

Louise (Lou) Isabel Blight was born on October 23, 1895 at Oakville, Manitoba and passed away October 25, 1967 at New Westminster, British Columbia.  Louise taught school for five years prior to her marriage to Stanley Murray on December 11, 1918 at Oakville, Manitoba.  He was born in Neepawa and died 1977.  They had six children:
  1. Grace Isabel (1920 - 1987)
  2. Arlene Hazel (1922 - 1970)
  3. George Stanley (1924 - 1996)
  4. Douglas Harold (1925 - 1932)
  5. Margaret (Peggy Lou) Louisa b.1928
  6. Leslie Roy (1929 - 2000)
Lou & Stanley lived in Neepawa where Grace was born, then moved to Oakville where Arlene and George were born.  Then back to Neepawa where Douglas, Peggy Lou and Leslie were born.

Lou & Stanley worked very hard raising their children as times were most difficult for many during the 1920's and 1930's.  In 1940, Louise decided it was time to move on and up, so upon selling the family home and purchasing a 1929 Essex car, they packed it and their four children and off they went to British Columbia, settling in Vernon, population three thousand.  Grace was employed in Neepawa but joined them within a few short months.

Back Row:  Stanley & Louise
Third Row:  Grace & Arlene
Second Row:  Geordie & Douglas
Front Row:  Peggy Lou & Leslie

From the day they settled in Venon, life improved greatly and continued to do so.  Louise was a very hard worker, honest in every way, providing us all with good moral values, leaving us this great legacy which is still cherished today.  She was a very special Mother and a special person.

/excerpts from Building Memories