George (Geordie) & Floss Blight

Brothers:  Les, Hugh, Cliff, Wilfred, & Geordie Blight

George (Geordie) Stanley Blight was the fifth child of George & Isabella Blight, born on November 28, 1898 at the farm home in Oakville, MB.  He married Florence (Floss) Amelia Armstrong on November 2, 1946.  She was born May 16, 1897 in Plumas, MB. 

In his early years, Geordie was a very active and athletic young boy.  At twelve years of age, he was stricken with spinal meningitis and he was confined to bed for many months.  His father hosted the Portage Plowing Match Competition on his land in 1911, the year Geordie was gravely ill.  (Hugh Blight won in the 'boy's gang' division.) The participants of the event were attended to and fed by a neighbor lady, Mrs. Bray, as the Blight lane was closed off by a yellow ribbon to indicate to others the severity of illness in the Blight home.  Isabella nursed her son Geordie with the conviction that she would not lose another child to illness (Ethel May & Ina Mary died in infancy of illness).  Geordie’s posture/height and general health including respiratory were adversely affected by his illness.  He overcame tremendous health odds to be a successful businessman and very highly respected man of the community.

He developed an interest and capability in business.  He entered into a partnership with Fred Mawhinney in what was first known as the Blight-Mawhinney Car and Implement business.  The name was later altered to “Blight and Blight” when his brother, Leslie, joined him in the enterprise.   He moved to Oakville with Isabella in late 1935 after the death of her husband, George, and Wilfred & Annie married and moved into the farm home.  Upon his mother’s death in 1945, Geordie hired a housekeeper named Floss.  They married in 1946, Geordie aged 48 and Floss aged 49.

Due to health problems, Geordie began to spend his winters in Phoenix, AR in the 1940’s.  He and Floss continued this until the early 1960's.  This would have been a long car journey back then over much different highways than we travel today.

He was a kind, gentle man who had a soft spot for children.  He was known to be serene and congenial just like his Aunt Sarah Weir (Isabella's sister).  He was keenly interested and involved in the health and development of the church, local sports, politics and the social life of the community.

Geordie died November 22, 1967 followed by the passing of his wife Floss in 1974.