Annie (Rene) & Fred Metcalfe

Annie Irene Blight (RENE) was the first baby born to George and Isabella on January 23, 1892. She was also the first white baby born south of the Assiniboine River in the area. Her love was gardening and along with an always-beautiful flower garden, she displayed an abundant orchard. Rene was one of the founding members of the Oakville Horticultural Society. She also enjoyed knitting, reading and later in life; painting and ceramics.


Rene remained in the family home until twenty-one years of age

 when she met and married Wilfred Metcalfe on October 29th, 1913.

Wilfred Metcalfe was born June 5th, 1880 in Cumberland England. He immigrated to Canada in the early 1900’s and settled in Oakville where he and Rene farmed after their marriage. Rene was instrumental in planning an addition to their one story house. They raised the house and built beneath it, making it a two- story house and incorporating her design. She was able to utilize her design skills again when they built a new home just west of Oakville.

 Fred and Rene adopted two children, Margaret Irene, born September 4, 1925 and John Wilfred, born May 8, 1927.

Fred was one of the founding members of Portage Oil Refinery which was later taken over by the Portage Co-Op. Fred and Rene moved to Portage in 1942, living there until their return to Oakville in the late ‘40’s. In 1961 they retired to West Vancouver B.C.  In April 1963, at the age of 83, Fred was killed in a car accident. Rene remained in West Vancouver until her death in 1968. (Siblings Jack & Margaret Metcalfe pictured to the right.)

 The grandchildren remember Grandma Rene as quiet and unassuming but always busy cooking and baking. In the summer she could be found spending hours in her garden. During winter sleepovers we enjoyed sitting in front of the fireplace with milk and fresh-baked cookies while Grandma read to us. Grandpa introduced David to chess, which occupied many hours together.

/David Metcalfe & Pat (Metcalfe) Wall, Fred & Rene's grandchildren