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Margaretta & Dr. Will Clark

Margaretta (Margaret) Florence Dixon was born August 1, 1879 in West Nissouri Township, Middlesex County, Ontario and died March 25, 1966 in Winnipeg, Manitoba.  She married William (Will) Henry Clark on March 15, 1904.  He was born August 17, 1877 in London Township, Middlesex County, Ontario and died on March 24, 1946 in Portage la Prairie.  Will was the son of John Clark and Fanny Pengilla.  His brother, Edgar, married Jane (Jenny) Wilson, the daughter of Robert Moses Wilson and Sarah Dixon.

Will Clark was a rural doctor in Oakville, Manitoba before moving to Portage la Prairie.  He delivered some of the Blight children and many stories are told about him removing tonsils when he visited nieces and nephews.  Dick Weir told these recollections of his Aunt Margaret & Uncle Will:  "I know that Uncle Will arrived in Oakville in 1903 or 1904.  I can still see Uncle Will and Aunt Margaret when Dad brought them home.  I believe they came out on the CPR so Dad had to drive to High Bluff.  Aunt Margaret was all dressed up fit to kill and thought our house was a bit primitive but my mother soon straightened her out.  Uncle Will came out to our house one afternoon during harvest time.  Evidently, I had been riding on the binder with Dad.  Uncle Will invited me to go outside with him and, in fooling around with me, he put a handkerchief over my face.  When I came to, he had removed my tonsils as I lay on a couch in the backyard."  Even relatives in Ontario could expect Uncle Will to remove tonsils when he came to visit as told by Harold Clark who claimed that his had been removed on the kitchen table.  Jean and Sadie Weir said:  "We had our tonsils removed in Dr. Clark's office.  We were sent down on our own and he sent us home when the operation was over.  Some difference today."

Will was bedridden for a number of years by a stroke.  It was said he died a poor man having never sent a bill to any of his patients.  Often he was paid in produce.  A story went that Aunt Margaret wanted to buy a new pair of shoes and she asked Uncle Will for some money.  He emptied out his pants pockets and could only produce a quarter.  She wanted to get on the next train back home to Ontario! 

They had four children:
  1. John Leonard Dixon Clark (1905 - before 1996 )
  2. Cecil William Clark (1906 - 1996)
  3. Earle Robert Clark (1912 - 1926) died at age 14
  4. Margaret Winnifred Clark (1919 - 1924) died at age 5  (Irene Blight remembers having a little porcelain doll wearing a homemade nurses uniform that had been Margaret Winnifred's - returned to Penny Green, Cecil's daughter)

The Clark Family
Will, Leonard, Cecil, and Margaret (Dixon) Clark

Earl Clark