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Dixon Family

The John Dixon Family Circa 1889 Ontario

Back Row:  Isabella Blight & Ida Judd
Middle Row:  Mother Mary Jane (nee Wilson), Margaretta Clark, Father John Dixon, & Annie Parkinson
Front Row:  Sarah Weir

John Dixon, son of William Dixon & Sarah Abraham, was born September 16, 1834 in Killymady, Eglish Parish, County of Armagh, Northern Ireland.  He was christened September 28, 1834 in Drumsallan, Church of Ireland and died May 27, 1906 in West Nissouri Township, Middlesex County, Ontario.  He came to Canada in 1847 with his parents and sisters.  John married Mary Jane Wilson, daughter of Moses Wilson & Elizabeth Bailey, on November 13, 1866 in her parents' home in North Dorchester Township, Middlesex County, Ontario.  She was born December 13, 1835 in North Dorchester Township, Middlesex County, Ontario and died December 25, 1911 in West Nissouri Township, Middlesex County, Ontario. 

John & Mary Jane farmed 75 acres which was SE Lot 4, Concession 1, West Nissouri Township.  They attended Bailey's Methodist Church where he taught the Bible Study Class.  John's sister, Sarah, married Mary Jane's brother, Robert Moses.  John & Mary Jane had seven children, five daughters and two sons:

  1. Sarah Elizabeth (1867 - 1945) Moved to Oakville, Manitoba in 1892
  2. Isabella (Belle) Mary (1868 - 1945) Moved to Oakville, Manitoba in 1891
  3. Ida Jane (1869 - 1939) farmed
  4. Annie Louise (1871 - 1942) farmed
  5. William Luther (1874 - 1875) died in infancy
  6. John Howard (1876 - 1881) died in infancy
  7. Margaretta (Margaret) Florence (1879 - 1966) Moved to Oakville, Manitoba in 1903 or 1904
Interestingly, John and Mary Jane Dixon visited Oakville, Manitoba where their daughters Isabella & Sarah and families resided in 1898 and then again in 1904.  Margaretta and her husband, Dr Will Clark, would have also been living in Oakville, Manitoba in 1904.  It would have been a long train ride for the elderly couple who lived near London, Ontario.
John Dixon

It is said John Dixon was an accomplished man with a kind heart.  His two maiden sisters, Mary & Eliza Jane, owned 25 acres adjacent to their brother John and John & Mary Jane provided companionship and their home as needed.  As his daughters approached the age of courtship, John purchased a special brooch for each of them.  His last will and testament drafted in 1905 left all his land (75 acres) and money to his wife, Mary Jane, to use as she saw fit till the end of her life.  After his wife's death, John left 25 acres to his daughter Ida Jane Judd on the condition she look after and care for her mother, Mary Jane, until her death.  He left the remaining 50 acres to Robert Henry Judd (Ida's husband) on the condition he pay $700 to each of his other four daughters:  Sarah Weir, Isabella Blight, Annie Parkinson, & Margaretta Clark.  The $2,800 was to be paid in two parts:  one/half after one year and the remaining one/half after two years from John & Mary Jane's deaths.  All other monies left over were to be divided equally between all five daughters or their heirs.  John died at 71 years of age (1906) from obstruction of the bowels and Mary Jane died at 76 years (1911) of old age with the immediate cause chronic bronchitis.  They were buried in Robin's Hill Cemetery alongside their two young sons.

John & Mary Jane Dixon ~'Maple Bank Home' ~London, Ontario
On Front Porch:  Eliza Jane Dixon (sister of John), John & Mary Jane Dixon, Mary Dixon (sister of John)
Front Row:  Unknown (possibly hired man) and Margaretta Dixon