Dixon/Blight Christening Gown

John & Mary Jane Dixon, parents of Isabella Blight, christened their children wearing a handmade family christening robe.  It was handed down to Isabella and the children of George & Isabella Blight were christened in this gown.  Isabella handed down the gown to her daughter, Iva Foxon and the Foxon children were also christened in this gown.  Today, Isabella & George's eldest great-grandchild, Betty (Foxon) Hill, has the gown and cap. 

Many descendants of John & Mary Jane Dixon have been baptized in this gown sewn circa 1867.  It has become increasingly fragile and the last baptism with the gown was 2002, Cody Blight, Oakville, Manitoba.

(Note:  any photos of children in the gown would be welcomed to add to the website.) 

         Jaxon James Blight (2000)                 Cody Kameron Blight (2002)