Artifacts & Family Treasures

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1. Christmas Gift 1904
 Beautiful Gold Pocket Watch from George Blight to his wife engraved to 'Belle'

2. Victorian Hair Wreath Circa 1853
Created by Mary Jane Wilson at the age of 16 (mother of Isabella Blight)
Note - it is entirely made of human hair and was a Victorian mourning custom.  It is a work of art.
3.  Book Ends Owned by George & Isabella


4.  Bread Pan, Wilfred's Handkerchief Mouse, & Wedding Gift Tablecloth (now dolls)
Red Handkerchief Mouse - A favorite of nieces & nephews made by Uncle Wilfred

Wedding Gift - Tablecloth made into dolls/Krauchek

5.  Stained Glass from Parlour and Isabella Cup & Saucer
Stained Glass from Blight Parlour
Isabella Cup & Saucer

6.  Isabella Trunk