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We're a team of people, inspired by Jillian Michaels and her work with the Black Team on Season 4 of The Biggest Loser, who are committed to getting in shape, get fit, and get control of our lives!

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Many of us have struggled with weight issues a long time, and sometimes we approach a new 'diet' plan with somewhat jaded eyes. We have this 'been there done that' attitude, and unfortunately, the 'there' we've been to is failure. We tried. We failed. We gave up.

Then after awhile another diet came out..low carb, low fat, South Beach, whatever the diet du jour was... we tried it, we failed. Once again we gave up.

So what will make this different?

I challenge you to make three affirmations daily:

1) I CAN succeed.

2) I am WORTH the effort.

3) I WILL do what it takes to get the weight off and get in shape.

Write those down, and read them daily, memorize them, repeat them to yourself.

You CAN do it. You are capable of success.

You are WORTH the effort. No matter how discouraged you may feel, you are not a failure as a human being because you are overweight, so don't berate yourself. Love yourself, and accept that you are worth the effort it takes to make yourself trimmer and healthier.

Finally, commit yourself to doing WHATEVER IT TAKES to succeed.

Say it out loud, "I will do whatever it takes to lose weight and get in shape."

Say it over and over and over and over again until you believe it. The first step in changing your behavior is to change the way you think. If you have approached this with a 'I hope this works but I'm somewhat skeptical because I've tried and failed so many times before' kinda attitude...

before you can change your body you have to change your mind.

If you change the way you think, believe you CAN do it, you are WORTH the effort, and commit to doing WHATEVER IT TAKES... you WILL succeed, you WILL lose weight, you WILL get in shape, you WILL beat this and like the person you see in the mirror.

Three affirmations.

Write them down.

Memorize them.

Say them daily.

Make yourself believe them.. and you WILL succeed.

I want you to join me in the winner's circle this year.



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Don't forget to drink your water!

 By the time you feel thirsty, you're already dehydrated.  One of the first signs of dehydration is headache.  Many people take pain reliever when they have a headache, when what they may need is to drink water!

Your body needs water to properly process food, and many times heartburn is related to drinking inadequate amounts of water.  And, the more water you drink, the LESS water you retain! That's because drinking water dilutes the sodium levels in your body.  When you drink too little water, you body retains water to keep the sodium levels from getting too high.

Not to mention, drinking cold water forces your body to burn energy to warm it to body temperature...ok, so it's not a LOT of calories burned, but since water has NO calories, that makes it one of the few things you can consume that actually burns more calories than it contains.