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Running off Assigned Territory in Belen

posted Jan 22, 2019, 8:36 AM by BLET 446 BLET 446   [ updated Jan 22, 2019, 8:36 AM ]

We’ve had a few members asked to operate past Jarales lately whether dog catching or doing set outs. Engineers are informing the BOC that they are running off of their territory and cannot perform these moves. Under an agreement that Alan Holdcraft made in 2012 during the construction of the wye at Belen that is used to run east and westbound trains from El Paso sub to the Clovis sub, these moves are permissible. We are allowed to operate trains and deliver them up to MP 879.11 per agreement.

Original Agreement

Payment will be claimed as follows.


In an effort  to expedite movement  through BNSF's Belen New  Mexico Yard, the parties agree   to the following:

  1. Engineer's operating trains North, South or West of Belen may receive or deliver their train on the Clovis subdivision up to and including mile post 879.11.

  • When an engineer is instructed to receive or deliver his train outside of the general switching limits at Belen (East limit is currently MP 888.0)he will be paid the additional time or miles run, whichever is greater, with a minimum of one hour pay.

  • Engineer's will submit a claim under CA Code MS for this additional pay (or otherwise directed by TY&E Compensation Systems)

  • This claim is payable to pre and post 1985 employees.