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Qualification for Holiday Pay

posted Jan 22, 2019, 7:57 AM by BLET 446 BLET 446

Division 446 Members:


We’ve had several declines lately on holiday pay for Christmas and New Year’s. It’s always been the understanding that as long as the individual was available the day before the holiday, goes on duty on the holiday, and is available the day after the holiday that the requirements for holiday pay are met. It seems the carrier has changed their mind and are enforcing article 10 of the 1990 agreement to its fullest extent. I’ve spoken with the General Chairman, and he informs me this is uniform procedure over the whole system.


From this point forward, You must make a trip immediately preceding the holiday, make a trip on holiday, and make another trip immediately preceding the holiday. At this point, we have not seen the carrier give us any trouble with the individual utilizing the FOB before or after the holiday. Any other layoff code including paid one will void the requirements to qualify.



            (1990 Memorandum of Agreement)

Article X - Holidays

(a)   Road engineers in unassigned pool freight service who meet the qualifications in paragraph (b) below and who commence a trip in pool service on one of the following holidays:


Thanksgiving Day

Day After Thanksgiving

Christmas Eve Day

Christmas Day

New Year's Eve Day

New Year's Day

will receive one basic day's pay at the rate for the trip worked commencing on the holiday in addition to all other earnings.

(b) To qualify for holiday pay, a pool freight engineer must be available and commence a tour of duty on the holiday. The engineer must also have been in pool freight service and made a trip without lay off immediately preceding the holiday and remain in pool freight service and make at least one trip immediately following the holiday.

NOTE: An engineer going on duty prior to the holiday whose tour of duty extends into the holiday will not be entitled to the basic day payment.





Jacob Williams
Local Chairman

email: jacob.williams@blet446.com
mobile: (505) 859-0131