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posted Jan 22, 2019, 8:31 AM by BLET 446 BLET 446

The PEPA (Policy Employee Performance Accountability) policy of Feb 2017 has a crucial bit of information that I think everybody needs to be mindful of toward the future. We’ve all heard about Level (S)’s and that they carry a (1) year or (3) year term with them. Under letter 2(a) of section (C) of the new policy, they’ve made it that a level (S) 1 year carries the same weight as a (3) year level. The only way to qualify for the reduced level (S) of 1 year an employee must have no discipline in the first 36 months of the employment or has no record of discipline in the 36 months preceding a serious violation. For Example: If you were issued discipline in the form of a Level (S) one year in December of 2017 and your 12 months just expired, you are still on the hook for 24 months where no violation can occur. We will be denied the lesser discipline of 1 year automatically and be escalated to a Level (S) 3 year.

Policy can be found here





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