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HB 244 Update

posted Mar 15, 2019, 9:49 AM by BLET 446 BLET 446
HB 244 Two Person Crew Bill was tabled by Chairman Antonio "Moe" Maestas. Alonzo Baldonado, Kelly Fajardo, Antonio Maestas and Ruiloba did not support us. We will run it again next year. The railroads continue to say the railroads are the safest ever and they don't plan on cutting crews to one which we know is BS. Matt Rose said in a railway magazine article that his only regret was not cutting crew size down to 1 or even zero. In other states they have said that they wouldn't consider cutting crews for about 5 years. HB 85 Union Securities bill that blocks Right To Work at the County level passed the Senate Floor. Reps. Baldonado, Fajardo, Senators Clemente Sanchez, and Greg Baca did not support HB 85. Still supporting HM 7 and HB 528 which both support our Amtrak Brothers and sisters. Session ends March 16th so I doubt they will go anywhere. Found out from one of our Amarillo brothers that TCU University Business school puts out anti Union propaganda in their classes and work books. His son goes to the school and was offered a job by BNSF in management if he scores high on his tests. Matt arose contributes to the school annually and has a building named after him.