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**Election Update**

posted Nov 14, 2018, 3:45 PM by BLET 446 BLET 446   [ updated Nov 15, 2018, 9:48 PM ]

**Election Update**

posted a minute ago by BLET 446 BLET 446
**Letters from the Candidates follow the
election update comments**
-so look below-

Election Committee - Shall oversee the
election of officers. It shall work with the
S/T to provide required notices, prepare and
mail ballots, pick up voted ballots
immediately prior to the election meeting
and act as a board of tellers at the election

Our election committee has been appointed.
We are required to have a minimum of 3
members but 6 are assigned. Thank you for
the help Charlie Paul, Greg Sachs, Mike
Jaramillo, Steve Silva, Sean Gutierrez, and
Josh Stanley. Special thanks to Pat Lynch
for helping at the union meeting.


There was an issue concerning a personal
member list and addresses. This was
brought up in the union meeting and
resolved by sharing the list between all
candidates of concern (1st Vice Local
position). Because of this, extra time has
been given to allow personal letters to be
sent out if desired. Therefore, ballots will
not be mailed out until 11/21/2018. So look
for your ballot after Thanksgiving. The
ballots will be counted at our December
meeting on 12/10/2018. I cannot overstate
the importance of filling out the ballot
correctly and all instructions are located
on the ballot. Our main problem in past
elections is missing name and address on
the return envelope. You must put your
name and address on the return envelope
for the ballot to be counted. One last thing,
we've done our best at mailing out the
ballots to your last known address. If you
do not receive a ballot or do not mail back
your ballot you may vote in person at the
12/10/2018 meeting.


In case there is a problem the Return
address, the ballots should be mailed to:

BLET Division 446
PO BOX 1375
Los Lunas, NM 87031


Letters from candidates to the membership

Doug Wykert - Dear Union Brothers and

My name is Doug Wykert I am running for
1st vice local in the upcoming election. I
have worked for the BNSF Railroad since
August of 1997 in different roles from
Maintenance of Way to Brakeman,
Conductor and Engineer in a lot of locations
from across the BNSF. I have never served
as a union officer before but for myself and
my family I believe this is the time to get
involved with all the talk about the attack
on our Pensions, two-person crews and the
Right to Work. I have complained and heard
a lot of complaints but complaining isn’t
getting anywhere. So this is why I’m
running. Also congrats to all of the
nominees for all offices, it is great to see a
lot of interest in the next election.

Chris Torres - Union brothers and sisters of
446 my name is Chris Torres I have been an
engineer for over 20 years, I am third
generation Employee and would like to
represent you as your Union President. If
elected I will enforce the by- laws, The
Mission “to promote and protect the rights,
interests ,safety and education of our
members “. The Vision “the quality of life
for present and future members and their
families”. I am running for union President
and would appreciate your vote .

Thank you.
Union strong!

Ernie Lopez - Hello everyone this is Ernie
Lopez I'm letting everyone know that I am
running for 1st vice local chairman and I
would appreciate your support. I believe I
would be good for the position, change is
coming and I would love to represent my
fellow engineers of the 446! I've always
fought hard and been a positive voice for
union rights, I believe I network well with
people and would be a great representative
for the 446. I'll fight hard and will be
transparent with the membership and I
believe information is golden. You can
judge me by my character which has always
been consistent very outgoing, open and
honest lets continue to move forward and
make this change a positive one for
everyone! I look forward to answering any
questions you may have. thank you for your
time and support!

Jacob Williams - Brothers and Sisters of
division 446, My name is Jacob Williams,
and I’m currently running for the office of
1st Vice Local Chairman in our division. I’ve
been working for the BNSF for 17 years.
As railroaders, we have seen what the union
men and women of the past have fought so
hard to secure for us. Those issues include
stability, security, safety, wages, and
healthcare. As railroaders, we have watched
yearly those benefits slowly erode and
become a focal point of our very existence
to this way of life. As a 3rd generation
railroader, and now having my son and son
in law joining that line, I understand the
importance of preserving our agreements
and benefits.

Brothers and Sisters, I choose to run for
office in the local division because of those

reasons listed above and doing whatever we
can to preserve them. I also see the
tremendous potential of increasing the
transparency, communication, and
education of the division. If elected, I would
like to institute a weekly email to the
members that bring us all up to speed on
our current agreements and side letters. To
increase accessibility to the union officers
that are selected so that every member can
receive guidance and representation with
expediency. To put decisions in the hands of
our members so that they may choose the
direction we travel from this point forward.
I also make the promise to remain in the
field with the men so that I always have
first-hand knowledge of the trails and
experiences that we continually deal with

The railroad is under a constant cycle of
change. Profit and greed drive these changes.
They have eliminated job after job for the
way of automation. They instruct their
officers to circumvent and disregard the
very agreements they made with us in good
faith. We always need to be aware of past

practices and must develop new efficient
ways of handling the change of the future
and the very attacks they wage on us.

I want the opportunity to represent this
division and fight for the agreements we
have, to provide education and information
to the membership. To bring forth
transparency within the division and to stay
working amongst you in our everyday tasks
as engineers.

With your vote, we can act on those
opportunities and better serve you as

I would also like to thank all the members
who are running for office; I appreciate your
sacrifice and efforts.

To the members, thank you for taking the
time to read this and would sincerely
appreciate your considerations.


Gilbert Montiel - To my brothers and sister
of div. 446 my name is Gilbert Montiel. I've
been with the railroad since 1997. In that
time I have seen many changes. Some good
but let's face it the BNSF has gotten away
from safety and leaned more towards
discipline and fear tactics. They are pushing
for single person crews, super pools and
precision railroading, which is running the
railroad the most efficient at the cheapest
possible price. I am running for legislative
representative of our division. I have always
 wanted to be involved to protect what's
ours! Our retirement our seniority our
agreements, and especially our job's. If we
don't fight back against Right To Work then
we could lose it all.

Railroads push safety aside, I want to hold
them accountable and bring safety back to
#1. There is legislation in place to help
protect two person crew like HR 233 in the
House and S.2360 in the Senate. I would like
the chance to better educate myself for our
division. We need to hold those in Congress
accountable on both sides of the isle.
For too long I have been involved on the
outside by going to political rallies and
trying to get involved but didn't really know
how. Brothers and Sisters I would love the
chance to get involved in division 446 on the
political side and help to protect what is ours
before it's to late.

Thank you for your consideration and I
appreciate your vote.