Meet a new kind of modern, combined family--8 people committed to the idea of supportive, constructive, and peaceful cohabitating.

Meet the "Hillsons"

you probably know us through our blog, "Blessed ~8~ Chaos," or you just actually know us the old fashioned way--through real life.  Regardless, it is our hope that, through our lives and blog, you will be encouraged, and see God glorified.  We aren't some from any strange religion where we need to live on a compound; we are a family from Portland, Oregon (so, thus inspired by the Green movement and all that is sustainable/Portland-ish) who is trying out a new way of doing things.  What started with a temporary solution to an issue of mold in the Hillman household (the Hillmans, party-of-five, moved in with the Hensons to escape severe mold in a rented house), bred the idea of a new family--an efficient household of people committed to putting one another first and working together to make a new kind of family.  The household is made up of eight wonderful and unique members.  Jorma and Megan were the beginnings of the house, well, really Jorma and Elven, but that is a different story.  Jorma and Megan bought their house in Southeast Portland a couple years ago in hopes of using it as a tool for ministry and family.  Not long after they purchased the house, they invited Jorma's little sister, Johnni, to live with them.  She has been living with them ever since, apart from a stint in Job Corps.  In the early months of 2010, Elven and Kasey, along with their three kids, Brayden, Madison, and Bethany, moved in.  Now, the eight of us have decided on a certain level of permanency for our living situation.  We are excited to see what God has in store for our family.

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