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Club History 

The Blenheim Handball Club was established in 2006 by  Karl Fitzpatrick and Ryan Roselli, both of whom are Blenheim locals attending University in Wellington. 
Although the club's home is Simcox Stadium in Blenheim, BHC is actually based in Wellington. It competes in the Wellington Handball League, and in various tournaments throughout New Zealand. It has since adopted the nick name 'The Wolfpack', which refers to the loyalty and competitive spirit the club displays.
                                                                           BHC at Wellington Handball Open 2010, from left: Andy Fitzpartick, Jono Leach, Jason Roche, Matt Thomson,
                                                                                                Ryan Roselli, Patrick Fritzsche, Antoine Guindon, Karl Fitzpatrick (C), Ben Wallace 


BHC trains with the VUW Handball Club at the Victoria University Student Recreation Center

Training times 

Victoria University Student Recreation Center

        There are currently no scheduled trainings in Blenheim.


Blenheim is currently in the process of becoming an official club, under the requirements on the NZHF. This will make us eligible for funding and grants from community organisations. When this happens, there will be an annual fee which we hope will allow players to pay a one-off fee for the year that will grant access to all tournaments and leagues. Until then, we charge individual players for their share of an entry fee as each tournament comes up. 
Interested in playing for Blenheim?
Blenheim has an open door policy for new players. We are interested in developing the game in New Zealand, therefore there is no previous handball experience required. If you are a Kiwi interested in playing handball full time, or a temporary resident looking to play a few games then we have spaces for you! 
To join, please contact:
  •     Ben Wallace:               Email  wallys_email@hotmail.com             Mobile  0274695172
  •     Karl Fitzpatrick:          Email ted_fitzpatrick@hotmail.com           Mobile 0273650699 
  •    Frank Stoltenberg:     Email secretary@handball.org.nz              Mobile 021822522