Locker Badges

This page is dedicated to the evolution of the "Locker Badge".  Here is a brief history of what locker badges are and how they are earned in the Blendon Middle School cross-country program.

Locker badges are awarded to runners for achieving different goals during races throughout the season.  The coaches create the badges and put them on students' lockers during school so that runners can showcase their accomplishments during the season.  

Here is a list of different types of locker badges and how each can be earned during the season:

PR Badge - Improve your "Personal Record" by just a single second during a race and you will earn yourself a "PR Badge". These were the original locker badges and the most popular reward!

ROW Badge - Earn "Runner of the Week" honors from the coaches for having a strong week at practice and in competition - this includes having a good attitude, being a good teammate, and showing Bulldog Pride both at XC and in school. 

Race Winner Badge - Win a race (dual meet or Invitational) and you will receive this badge on your locker!

Medalist Badge - Earn a medal by placing in a medalist position during any invitational and you will receive this badge on your locker!

Captain's Badge - Be elected as a "Team Captain" by your coaches and teammates will earn you this honor for on your locker!

Fantastic 50 Badge - Earn a spot on Blendon's Fantastic 50 (one of the fastest 50 times run since 2001) and you will receive this special badge on your locker!

3 Dogs & A Cat Race Winner - This badge has only been given out one time since we began giving locker badges!  The only way to earn it is to be the individual race champion at our annual 3 Dogs & A Cat race!


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