My Blender Games
Games made in blender(free, and open source)

In order to play these games(On windows(On Mac,Linux this is not needed), Go to,click download,Select Windows, and download it.Then, take all the files that end with .dll and put it in a folder.Download the game into that folder.Than you can play it.

Game 1: Here is my first Game I call it : Blenditmaze(GO to then save the file.I assume you already have blender.To play the game you mast save this game in a folder with the .dll's in your Blender zip file(on WINDOWS)(NOT ON MAC)to play.Or if you want to play the games without Blender you can download the following .dll's.








Remember you only need .dll's on WINDOWS.


Up Arrow,Down Arrow, Left Arrow, Right Arrow, Space Bar(Regular Controls)

To identify that you got to the end, look back and see if it's the same or different of the beggining.

Good Luck!Thank you!


Game 2: MonkeyGold(Same instructions to open)  MonkeyGold.exe The object of the game is to jump on from thing to thing and then get ALL the way to the top to the Golden Monkey and you win!If you find the hidden plane, there are instructions!

Instructions:(For Monkey Head)Up Arrow,Down Arrow,Right,Left Arrows,Space Bar.

Instructions:(For Plane)W,S(Front,Back)D,A(Right Left)Z,F(Up,Down)

The "Plane" is a cube with two rectangular things as wings.To get in the plane you must jump on and in!

Good Luck!

Next Game!

MonkeyGold 1.0!

check it out!

The .blend is available! at:(Look down)

 Monkey Gold 2.0 is now available!Download here!:


Too fast?

Now MonkeyGold 3.0!

Check it out at:

Play it!