creating a simple avatar

Many 3d games allow you to take a first person role in the game my moving an avatar through the game world. On this page we show you how to create an interesting avatar in Blender through a series of steps.

  1. Create an avatar box and use logic bricks to control the movement of the box, e.g. using the arrow keys to move the box forward/backward and to turn left/right
  2. Add a more interesting visual image for the avatar.  We do this by "parenting" the interesting avatar to the box and making the box invisible. Even though the box is not visible, Blender will still use it to determine if the avatar collides with other objects and to control the movement of the avatar. The reason for this complexity is that it is much faster for blender to work with a box than a complicated model, but the complicated model makes for a much more aesthetically pleasing game, so this combination works well!
  3. Attach one or more cameras to the avatar bounding box. This allows us to have a first person view of the game, making it much more exciting to play!
Here are the three videos:

creating a simple box avatar

You can download the sample avatar created in this first tutorial in below.

Next we modify our avatar to give it a more interesting appearance, in this case as the Blender monkey, Suzanne.

changing the appearance of a box avatar

Finally we show how to parent a camera to the avatar so that the player can get a first-person view of the game

parenting a camera to an avatar

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Sep 26, 2011, 12:25 PM
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