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04 Questing games

In this tutorial we explain how to create games in which an avatar searches through a virtual world collecting jewels and avoiding hazards, all the time racing the clock.

The key techniques we need to learn for this class of game are as follows, and we have links to tutorials for each of these steps.
  • UV texturing tutorials creating photorealistic playing surfaces (using UV texturing) and a skybox  
    • in this tutorial we show how to apply images from your photo library onto the faces of a cube, this simpile technique can allow you to create apartment building objects, brick walls, wooden fences, throw rugs, a wide variety of floors, grassy plains, muddy flats, etc. All of these photorealistic objects can make your game more compelling for the player.
  • avatar tutorials creating an avatar
    • In this video we show how to create an avatar (in this case the built-in monkey mesh) that is controlled by the arrow keys to move forward/backward and to turn left/right. This tutorial gives an introduction to the sensor/controller/actuator programming model of Blender
  • creating a virtual world with a skybox, game set, and avatar
    • This tutorial shows how to put together the results of the previous tutorials and create a relatively interesting virtual world in which you can move your avatar using the arrow keys.

Future tutorials we are working for this page follow. They should be completed in the next day or so....
  • adding architecture and props to the virtual world
  • defining the logic of the game
    • when an avatar hits a jewel it adds 1 to its wealth
    • when an avatar hits a food object it adds 1 to its health
    • when a jewel or food is hit, it disappears
    • when 10 seconds elapses the health goes down by one
    • when the health is zero the player loses
    • when all jewels are collected the player wins
  • publishing the game
    • putting it all together (skybox, game sets, avatar, food, jewels, start screen, win/lose screens)
    • writing the credits for the game,
    • zipping the directory in a single file,
    • creating a google site page for the game
    • uploading the game as an attachment
    • making a movie of the game play and taking some screen shots
    • describing the game on the google site page and adding the screenshots and movies