in these papers you can find more information on my works on blender game engine

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Examples - old one

 Here you can download(~2.30MB) windows blenderplayer and modified version of Social FPS Template, to run the example you should copy needed dlls into the blenderplayer directory,

  • avcodes-51.dll
  • avformat-51.dll
  • avutil-49.dll
  • pthreadVC2.dll
  • SDL.dll
  • zlib.dll

and then execute "run.bat" to run the game.

To test 2D Filters use these keys:

  • F1:Blur
  • F2:Sharpen
  • F3:Dilation
  • F4:Erosion
  • F5:Laplacian
  • F6:Sobel
  • F7:Prewitt
  • F8:Gray Scale
  • F9:Sepia
  • F10:Invert
  • F11:Motion Blur
  • F12: Disable Filters

 I modified FPS template and add two empties , one to setup filters and one to manage keys and enabling/disabling filters. in Fig 1. and Fig 2. you can see game logic buttons in blender.

Fig 1. Game Logic for an empty object to setup filters

Fig 2. Game Logic for and empty to manage enabling/disabling filters