2d filter introduction

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2D Filters 

 2D Filters are image filtering, that apply on final render of objects, I implemented some simple 2d filters for blender game engine.

New implementation of 2D Filters has some features like enabling or disabling a filter on a specific pass, custom GLSL filters.

Thanks Social et.al. for FPS_Template.

Motion Blur

Motion blur is a 2d filter that needs previous rendering information to produce motion effect on abjects.


Fig 1. Motion Blur Filter

In Fig 1. you can see Motion Blur filter in blender window, and in Fig 2.  you can see the logic buttons for this filter.


Fig 2. Game Logic Buttons for Motion Blur

As you see in Fig 2. for enabling Motion Blur you should:

  1. Add appropriate Sensor and Controller
  2. Add a "2D Filter" Actuator
  3. Select "Motion Blur" 
  4. Set Motion Blur Value(Factor)

And for disabling this filter:

  1. Add appropriate Sensor and Controller 
  2. Ass a "2D Filter" Actuator
  3. Select "Motion Blur"
  4. Click on "D" button to go to disabled mode

Note: You can enable Motion Blur filter using a python controller like bellow:


import Rasterizer

and disable it:

import Rasterizer

Note:  Your graphic hardware and OpenGL driver must support accumulation buffer(glAccum function).

Fig 3. Motion Blur in Blender

Other Filters