Teacher Designed Blend

The Teacher Designed Blend offers teachers control over their curriculum and delivery, while providing students with an online component that is more flexible and provides true opportunities for dynamic discussion and collaboration with peers. The ultimate goal of a blended learning class should be two fold: 1) allow the teacher to continue working directly with students, and 2) use an online component to develop a learning community that works together to discover knowledge.

Catlin Tucker is a Google Certified Teacher who teaches at Sonoma County's Windsor High School. She earned her BA at UCLA and her MA & teaching credential at UCSB. She has taught English language Arts 9 years, online college level writing course for 3 years and has been training teachers in blending instruction using technology for 2 years. 

“My work in both environments guides my approach to blended learning, a combination of face-to-face instruction with work online,” she explains. “I combine these skill sets to create resources and strategies that enable other educators to integrate an online component into their existing curriculum successfully.”

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