Leadership in Blended and Digital Learning Program


Leadership in Blended and Digital Learning Program
Cohort 3 
Applications will be out in September to begin in January 2018

The MassCUE Leadership in Blended and Digital Learning (LBDL) program offers a job-embedded professional learning experience to prepare principals and their school-based leadership team to lead a digital and blended learning transition in their school. MassCUE is proud to bring this successful and nationally vetted program to Massachusetts school leaders!

Important Dates:

Applications are OPEN
Session 1: TBD  - Orientation to the Program, District/School Readiness from 8 AM - 11:30 AM

Session 2: TBD - Defining Blended Learning

Session 3: TBD - Creating a Culture for Blended Learning

Session 4: TBD - Shifting Teaching and Learning

Session 5: TBD - Supporting Teachers Through Professional Learning

Session 6: TBD - Implementing and Sustaining Blended Learning

Program Description:
The program, developed by the Friday Institute, is delivered as a blended course made up of six Modules or Sessions. Participants will be led by experienced practitioners from the Commonwealth who have been trained by the Friday Institute staff. Selected school teams who are accepted into the program, will be guided through a planning process to produce a Roadmap for Leading a Digital and Blended Learning Transition in their school. Each module will have online pre-work and post work to complete.

The Program Goals include:
* Developing a shared vision for blended and personalized learning
* Leading an effective blended and personalized learning transformation
* Building a strong teaching workforce
* Fostering a school culture that supports blended and personalized learning.

The Program will go Deeper than a Traditional Professional Development Course because ...
* it is Job Embedded, so the activities and the planning are immediately applicable to your school;
* it sets aside the Time needed to make a Comprehensive Plan;
* it provides access to Data Collection Tools to drive decisions;
* it Connects Participants to a diverse group of principals and districts across the Commonwealth and the Nation;
* it is based on a proven professional learning program.

Frequently Asked Questions: 
Who Should Apply?
If you are a public, private or charter school-based leader (principal, headmaster, etc.)  that is working to lead a digital learning transition in your school and you have the support of your district superintendent (or equivalent) then you should apply for this program with the members of your school-based leadership team.

What is the Cost?
The cost of the program is $500 per person

What Constitutes a School-based Leadership Team?
A team must include two or more persons from a school or district. At least one person must be the school leader i.e. principal, headmaster etc. The other person(s) on the team must be school-based leaders. Examples of school-based leaders are: vice-principals, technology administrators, curriculum administrators, special education administrators and instructional leaders: department heads, Instructional Technology Specialists, ELA/Math Specialists etc.  Please note that this program has not been designed for classroom teachers.  A team composed of a principal and a single, full-time classroom teacher would not be an acceptable team.

How will Teams be Selected for this Program?
Teams will be selected according to a blind application process that is rubric scored by the members of the MassCUE Professional Development committee.  The program will accept up to 40 total individual participants for the 2nd cohort.  View the Rubric for Scoring applications below under Important Documents.  Please return applications by the December 17th deadline.

Do Team Members that Successfully Complete the Program Receive any kind of Certificate of Completion?  
Yes, If you successfully complete the program requirements, the MA State Department of Education (DESE) will award a Certificate for Leadership in Blended and Digital Learning.  Participants will also be able to optionally receive 3 graduate credits for the program from Framingham State University.  

Important Documents:
View the Program Flyer
View an On CUE Article about the Cohort 1 Program

If you have questions about the program please contact Grace Magley, program coordinator via email: gmagley@masscue.org