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Blended Learning Course Design (Magna Webinar) 


The demand for high quality blended instruction continues to grow, especially in financially constrained times when it is attractive to move classes traditionally offered in classrooms to a blended delivery format. Instructional designers, course developers, and faculty members are faced with the continuing challenge of building effective learning experiences while maintaining a high level of engagement for a diverse set of learners. While incorporating online and face-to-face interaction components, blended courses differ from classroom and online courses; they are uniquely different and require designing a new course, even when based upon an existing one. This webinar introduces key elements of blended design and the process of re-designing a traditional course into a blended one. Student readiness for the blended course is critical to success, so we’ll review considerations and strategies that will support the learner and discuss how learner support relates to the faculty member and the rhythms of the course. We’ll discuss a continuum of student readiness, technology considerations, and student crisis points.


Blended Learning Course Design Presentation (pptx) (file is attached at the bottom of the page)


Handouts and Resources 

Mapping Your Course: re(Designing) for Blended Delivery (word doc)

Using Bloom’s Taxonomy for Objective Development (word doc)

Ten Blended Questions Checklist (word doc) 

Aligning Your Course Components for Blended Delivery (word doc)  

The Blended Course: Building in Accountability (word doc) 

Quality Matters Rubric (pdf)


Bloom's Digital Taxonomy (website)

RadioJames™ Objective Builder (a la Bloom's) (website)

Blended Course and Syllabus Examples (website)

UCF Blended Learning Toolkit http://blended.online.ucf.edu/ (website) 


National Center for Academic Transformation (NCAT) Resources

-http://thencat.org/PlanRes/R2R_PrinCR.htm (5 Principles of Successful Redesign with Examples) 

-http://thencat.org/Rec_Reading.htm (course redesign readings) 

-http://thencat.org/R2R/R2R_Planning_Resources.htm (course redesign planning resources) 


Planning Template and Guide to Prepare for, Identify, and Preempt Student Crisis Points (word doc) 

Planning Guide for Assessing and Addressing Student Readiness (word doc) 


Blended Course Rubrics and Rubric Resources (word doc) 

Student Readiness Tools and Resources (word doc)

Faculty Self-Assessment: Preparing for Online Teaching (word doc) and website: https://weblearning.psu.edu/FacultySelfAssessment/ 


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