Reasons Not to Curse

Society We live in a society that frowns upon the use of foul language and can be easily offended by it. Even if you personally do not feel there is anything wrong with cursing, the rest of the world does, and it's an unacceptable way to speak.  
Respect and Impressions Other people will think less of you when you curse, and your own level self-respect will go down. Many people who used to curse but have stopped say that they have felt so much better about themselves since they've stopped using bad words. It also gives people a bad impression about you, and they will think that you lack control and are immature.
Boys and Girls There will always be a double standard regarding cursing by boys and girls. "As for the double standard about cursing: a man is allowed to blaspheme because it belongs to him to damn - but the same curse out of the mouth of a considered presumptuous, and thus an impropriety or worse," Shulamith Firestone says in her feminist classic The Dialectic of Sex: The Case for Feminist Revolution. This is definitely not a good thing, since everybody should be called out for using bad words! Make sure to rebuke both boys and girls who curse in your hearing.
Limited Vocabularies It's a commonly accepted thought that people who use bad words have no other words to express themselves. “Some people who use that sort of language have a very limited vocabulary. They don’t know many words, so they pull out those boring old swear words and use them," says Parenting With Love and Logic: Teaching Children Responsibly.
Religion All major religions have objections to the usage of bad language. One of the integral Jewish beliefs is that the Jews' weapons are their speech and language, so using profanity is like causing their sword to become rusty. Part of Christian doctrine is that sin is a condition of the heart and is manifested in speech, and using bad language is giving evidence of the sin in their heart, and they must repent. Part of the Islamic ideology is that cursing shows a lack of self-respect, and the simple act of using bad words can escalate into worse sins. One of Mohammed's teachings is that using bad words in reference to another Moslem is like killing them.


Relationships When you curse excessively and others around you don't, it makes you unpleasant to be with and endangers relationships.