How to Stop Cursing

If you want to stop using foul language but aren't sure how, or if you have already tried to stop and it didn't work, here are some helpful suggestions you can use.
1. Often, you don't even realize that you're using bad words, since it becomes part of your speech pattern. If you're having this problem, ask your friends to tell you when you use bad words or try to think over what you want to say before you say it.
2. If you and your friends curse but you want to stop, try associating with other people who don't use bad words, and their example may rub off on you. You can also try asking your friends to stop cursing, or at least to try to curb their language around you.
3. Every time you or someone around you curses, have them put a dollar in a "swear jar" and donate it to charity.
4. It's normal for everyone to use an expression of frustration - you just don't have to use a bad word. You can make up a cute, original alternative that you'll want to use instead! (See Alternatives to Bad Words below.) 
5. Wear a rubber band or ponytail around your wrist, and whenever you curse, snap it.
6. If you watch television shows that use a lot of bad words, try to find other, cleaner shows to watch. If you listen to music where there is a lot of cursing or explicit content, try to listen to other genres or the censored versions of the songs.
7. Pretend a respected figure in your life (a relative, teacher, religious leader, etc.) is sitting next to you at all times. Would you want to curse if your grandmother can hear?
8. Every time you substitute a different word for a curse word, put a popcorn kernel in a jar. When the jar is full, make a popcorn party for yourself!

9. When you get angry and you want to curse, think of a word that reminds you of a funny time that will make you laugh and calm you down to avoid saying the bad word.
Remember that it may take a while to stop. Just try your best and keep at it. Bear in mind that you don't have to completely eradicate bad words from your language. Just make a sincere effort to keep it to a minimum, and only in appropriate situations.