Please become a member of Bleep! As a Bleep! member, nothing is expected of you and no obligation is required; you don't even have to stop cursing! Just email your name and state of residence to bleep3@gmail.com. You don't have to make an oath or even attempt to not curse. Every month, you will receive a newsletter about Bleep! news, anecdotes about cursing, and other Bleep!-related items. So far, members range from various states in America to Argentina, Australia, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, England, France, Israel, Malaysia, South Africa, and Switzerland!
Bleep!'s mission is to eradicate the usage of cursing among kids and teens today. Cursing degrades you, your family, your school, and your community. We live in a society that frowns upon the usage of bad language, and when someone hears you cursing, they think less of you. In turn, they will think less of your parents; after all, they're the ones who are raising you and possibly allowing you to have such a dirty mouth. It will also reflect poorly on your school, since what kind of school would allow its students to speak like that? Finally, it will reflect poorly on your community. Your community can be any group of which you are a member, whether it is your neighborhood, religion, ethnicity, nationality, or any other group to which you belong.
When you walk out your door every morning, you are a representative of yourself, your family, your school, and your community. Everything you do is a microcosm, or a miniature model. People will think less of you and everything you represent when you use bad words. Why bother cursing, when the English language is so rich and there are so many other words you can use to express yourself?