Andy "bleeding hands" Hughes

Andy Bleeding Hands could be defined as an Acoustic battle field tossed into a blender and turned on high.

Bleeding Hands Music

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Links to songs:

Promise Land - Writen when i first move back to Macclesfield, sort of an experimental track for me, less heavey than my normal take on things,

Strange Addiction - A blend of 3 guitars, with a mellow vocal

Hold You -Moody guitar, one of the first songs i ever wrote, see what you think

Free My Soul (love at first sight) - Heavy acoustic guitar and gruff vocals

High Times - I wote this when i live in Radford in Nottingham, the first ever recording was on a knackered stereo the landlords builder had left behind

Katie - Inspired by a Kely Joe Phelps tune i heard once


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