BleakerMUCK: Rules

What to Do and Not to Do!

First and foremost, as a player of BleakerMUCK, you’re expected to be courteous and respectful toward your fellow gamers and staff. That means asking for permission before joining a scene in-progress and respecting any limits that your role-playing partners might have set in their pinfo. Don’t use OOC knowledge IC. Don’t harass other players through pages or by mail; if you do, we’ll find out about it, and your account could be banned or suspended depending on the severity of the offense.

If you insist on having TS, we ask that you do it in a private room, and that you are well-aware of your partner’s age before you proceed. If you’re under eighteen, please don’t engage in sexual play on BleakerMUCK. You could get your role-playing partner in a lot of trouble, and that just ain’t cool.

ICA=ICC is a phrase that many role-players are familiar with, but not everybody knows what it means. In character actions ALWAYS equal in character consequences. If your character decides he or she has had enough of the totalitarian regime and tries to blow up Ground Zero, chances are there’s going to be some serious IC retaliation involved. Don’t expect your character to live very long if he or she has a habit of doing stupid stuff. 

Remember: be courteous and don’t twink! Nobody likes playing with a character that’s invincible. Never kill or maim another character without the player’s permission. If you feel that someone is twinking, approach them privately and politely. If necessary, wizards will step in (usually at a player’s request) to resolve any conflicts.



Factions and Organizations


Application Process